Betty Arenson | 2020: It Was a Revealing Year on Multiple Fronts

It happened over seven years ago, but had little effect until 2018, when multiple media began working on this topic. Senator Dianne Feinstein’s “Office Director” / “Gopher” / 20-year-old private driver, Russell Rowe, was a Chinese spy. While employed by Feinstein, Rowe reported to the Chinese Department of Homeland Security through the San Francisco Consulate in China.

For six of the last 20 years, Feinstein chaired the Senate Information Committee. The committee is informed of the most important and disastrous information affecting US security, and it is immeasurable that the chairman will not scrutinize anyone near her. Or did she really know and continue anyway? According to a former secret CIA officer, Rowe should have access to Feinstein’s conversations, digital devices, availability to place a large number of recording devices around her, and more (Washington Post, August 9, 2019). .. In summary, Feinstein constantly dismissed this issue as “no problem.”

Rowe was fired without charge and appears to have retired at the expense of a US taxpayer.

Feinstein’s close relationship with the Chinese dates back to the Mayor of San Francisco in 1979. She started a “sister city” relationship with Shanghai, became personally friendly with Chinese leaders, escorted many business ventures with her millionaire husband China, and voted pro-China in the Senate. Did.

Russia, Russia and Russia are relentless shifts, but China is abandoned and rampaging. The Washington Examiner (September 10, 2018) said in June 2015 that China’s Human Resources Administration server was hacked to access details of the personal data of more than 20 million Americans. We called spying activity “fashionable”.

There is a legitimate argument that the Chinese Communist Party’s invasion of the United States has been deliberately and dangerously suppressed. The CCP targets US intelligence, manufacturing, energy, pharmaceuticals, science, schools, and politicians. The Chinese Communist Party does not hide their desire to be the dominant force in the world, and destroying all aspects of the United States is a priority.

During 2020, the convenient Chinese virus, also known as COVID-19 and Hunter Biden, had a history of enough Chinese economic ties to drown him. The heat continues (not enough) for his father as well. Certainly it should be.

Biden’s “Victory” did not put a sign for sale on the lawn of the White House. Thanks to the nominated politician, it was already escrowed with a large down payment.

Just like Hunter Biden’s heavily suppressed scandal by mainstream media, only a few have learned of the five-year relationship between Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell and the Chinese spy “Fang.” Fang targeted Swarwell as a mere city council member and helped drive him to the House of Representatives. Regardless of whether Swarwell was close to the diplomatic corps leader, he was awarded the Prime Minister’s seat on the House Intelligence Committee by Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi is not an enemy of the Chinese either. She refused to uphold a travel ban on China set by President Donald Trump in January 2020. Instead, she had a maskless party with the crowds in San Francisco’s Chinatown in late February.

Suspecting the “accidental” escape of the virus is not a big leap. Millions of jobs were lost, the company was shut down, and a useless shutdown occurred. Especially depending on the city or state operated by the Democratic Party.

Family, education, housing, travel, goods, income, commerce, etc. were all crushed, and the Blue State demanded billions of dollars from the federal government to rescue them from their wild mismanagement. State and city tyranny kills companies and jobs, and demands that the federal government pay people not to work. It’s called socialism. People are depressed because they want to work … they want their job and come back to life!

The crazy blockade isn’t working. Eating out is not a threat, as supported by health agencies that admit that there is no data to support their dominant hand. Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose dictator says we must trust, was often upset about prevention. Ironically, he recently said that schools should be open — not. The oppressors listen to the fouch for convenience.

Vaccine approval has been promised a panacea. Negation jumps to the next possible problem, as there are multiple things here. Like a new stock.

The anger of the people continued to grow, ending the election. It is insultingly negative to tell 74 million voters that “there is no fraud here.” Those who want a thorough investigation of voter / ballot counting scams will be criticized. Dozens of people have experienced, witnessed, and signed affidavits proving the same. The ballot box has disappeared, but the other ballots have just appeared. There is no denying a video revealing that ballot suitcases are being pulled out of hiding after most supervisors have been removed from the premises.

“No fraud” has been weakened to “no systemic fraud” and “no widespread fraud”. It may not be Kansas, but the fierce battle state is certainly suspicious. Without forensic investigation, no one can legally support the refusal, and those modified comments are empty.

Who determines “systemic” and “widespread” by what measurements? Judges refuse to touch this hot potato for their own professional future, and no court wants to be responsible for overturning elections and disrupting the country. If this Chicanny holds, fraud in future elections will be a staple food. It can only be expanded. When is this major event not undertaken now?

The various crowds are citizens, given the growing anxiety in all respects. Do not destroy the property of cities, businesses, federals or individuals or cause physical harm to people.

How long will that courtesy last if there is no change in the foreseeable future and no sincere answers are received?

Betty Allenson is a resident of Santa Clarita. “Right Here, Right Now” will be available on Saturday and will be replaced by local Republicans.

Betty Arenson | 2020: It Was a Revealing Year on Multiple Fronts Source link Betty Arenson | 2020: It Was a Revealing Year on Multiple Fronts

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