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The Jaguars football team was punished for 15 years to start a match against Richmond on Friday night as Jesse Bethelhai ran back the Thomae Walters wearing a roster number not between 1 and 99. ..

Head coach Daniel Martinez didn’t care. He knew that the Walters, who would eventually wear number 0, would eventually regain 15 yards.

Not only that, but many more.

The Walters launched a powerful attack on the Corbus Field after winning the 42-26 Tri-County Athletic League in a hurry of 168 yards and two touchdowns nine times. Walters’ two touchdowns both took place in the second half.

Martinez said he switched Walters numbers from 22 to 0 early in the season because of Walters’ team-first mindset.

“I didn’t give him a number because he’s the most selfless player we’ve ever got,” Martinez said. “I didn’t know that I would be penalized when I picked up the jersey, but that’s okay. I’ll take a penalty to prove the points. Tome is a very determined kid and all of him You can see it in running play. He decides to do his best and gets angry when he can’t succeed. That determination leads to his running style. ”

Walters wore number 22 at the beginning of the year, but Martinez told him, “No, I got another number for you,” according to a senior running back. ..

“I don’t think I’m the most selfless player. I had to do what my teammates believed they could do,” Walters said.

Jaguar won in just two weeks after losing to Hercules and scoring only eight points. This week Martinez was more impressed with how the attack took place.

“This week we have much better focus and execution,” Martinez said. “I didn’t make the necessary clicks, so I challenged them to do the attack well. They stepped up the challenge. The field from front to back, and the quarterback that guided us (Travis. Jackson), everyone. ”

It was Jackson who helped Bethel (4-3, 2-1) get on the scoreboard in the first quarter. In his third downplay, Jackson rolled to the left, exploring downfield options, thanks to the aggressive lines that gave him more time than Doc Brown and DeLorean. Jackson eventually saw Mahaji Mabray alone on the left side of the field, making him 6-0 with a 67-yard touchdown.

Bethel added the lead in the second quarter when Jackson hit Laron Blue with a 10-yard pass, scoring a 14-0 score in favor of Jaguar. Jackson finished with three touchdown passes and a 162-yard pass. He also rushed 100 yards with 10 carries and scored in 57 yards of running play.

Martinez said the biggest improvement from last week’s defeat came from the pass game.

“We had more people this week and did more of the type of attention to detail,” Martinez said. “And there’s the hell of receiver coach Bobby Guillory. He has a lot of ideas to lose me, but they work. He’s helped me, so I’m wearing a hat. Jackson Did a good job with his extension of the play. We’ve talked a lot that he really needs to give us a chance, so stop after he rolls out and scrambles. Then throw the ball into the field and you have a chance to keep winning. ”

Richmond, who hasn’t won the match yet this year (0-8), cut the lead to 14-6 when Damion Lewis hit Jos Eprado with a 35-yard touchdown pass to 14-6.

However, Bethel didn’t waste time answering as Jackson ran 57 yards on the right sideline for a touchdown in his next offensive play. The score was halved to 22-6.

In the third quarter, Jackson connected to this night’s third touchdown pass. This goes to Jordan Latchford, 24 yards away. Bethel led 28-6 due to the conversion failure.

Richmond’s attack was somewhat in the fourth quarter as Lewis made a two-yard touchdown run and Prado made a second touchdown of the game with some flashy footwork near the back of the end zone. It came to life.

However, these two scores were matched by Walters, who had a 38-yard rush and a 70-yard romp to give Bethel two more touchdowns. With a score of 70 yards by Walters, Jaguar attacked several linebackers on the line of scrimmage but refused to get off. After a fierce contact, Walters crossed the line and went down the left sideline for a score.

Despite the praise given to Walters by his head coach, seniors quickly pointed out praise elsewhere for his achievements at night.

“I don’t have that. I want to thank Lineman for giving me a big gap in every match,” Walters said. “I need to read them aloud. They make me better.”

Walters’ second score was 6 minutes remaining in the game. Lewis made another hasty touchdown in less than four minutes to play the game, but the Oilers punt return fumble sealed Bethel’s victory.


Bethel 42, Richmond 26

Next Match: October 30 St Mary’s: 1:30 pm

Bethel High football team’s offense has ‘zero’ problems in win over Richmond – Times-Herald Source link Bethel High football team’s offense has ‘zero’ problems in win over Richmond – Times-Herald

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