Best Tips for Sports Betting Beginners in California

You want to bet on sports. But you don’t know where to begin. Traveling to Las Vegas in this age of legal sports betting feels taxing. You can also pay for betting tips. But you want to learn how to do it yourself. How can you bet on sports successfully in California?

#1: Choose a Trustworthy Bookmaker

Before you think about which NFL and NBA teams to bet on, pick a reliable and trusted betting website. California is yet to legalize sports betting. However, its current laws allow Californians to bet at offshore betting sites.

Many offshore betting sites come with licenses and security measures. But it’s in your best interest to look beyond licensing and pick top-rated sportsbooks. For example, the California sports betting guide on basketballinsiders goes into more detail on how to pick the best betting sites that will fit all your betting needs. You should definitely check it out if you want to learn more on the subject.

In case you’re wondering, you can also visit a state with legal betting to wager at physical sportsbooks. But if you want to bet conveniently, wager through safe, offshore betting sites.

#2: Choose a Sport and Become an Expert

What’s your favorite sport? Let’s say you love basketball.  What leagues and competitions do you watch the most? Obviously, you watch the NBA and college basketball. Now, focus on these games to become an expert bettor.

Learn all NBA teams, their top players, records and coaching styles. Discover the best upcoming college teams, best players and their strongest positions. The goal is to become as knowledgeable about one or two sports as you can. And in doing so, you’re more likely to win high-value bets regularly.

You could also wager on other sports and tournaments besides your preferred sport. But wager on these games only when you are confident about your prediction.

#3: Learn about Bet Types and How they Work

You know you can predict which teams or players to win. But did you know you could predict by how many innings a baseball team wins? You could also wager on the next MLS soccer coach to be fired or the defensive players of the year in hockey.

The most popular bet types are:

  • Match winners
  • Spreads
  • Totals
  • Parlays
  • Props
  • Futures

Learn about these bet types and determine which one to specialize in. Truth be said, you can become good at a variety of them. That’s because winning in sports is all about being knowledgeable—how a game works, the teams involved, forms, past records and positions in the leagues.

Let’s say a hockey team ranks first in the Eastern Conference. It has won eight of the last 10 games, scoring at least three and conceding at least once in each match. Although you can back it to win a game against a weak opponent, you could also place a bet on both teams to score.

#4: Shop around for Odds

Betting sites are always in a competition to win over customers. Some sportsbooks compete by giving out bonuses regularly. Others provide the best odds for every match. As a punter, your job is to bet where you can find the best value for your money.

This means you should shop around for odds before you place any bet. Most bookies have minor differences in odds. Lebron James could have +300 odds to score a triple double on bookie A. But in bookie B, he might have +330.

Although the difference isn’t big, it could help you make $30 extra if you’re correct. Over a month or season, these extra boosts to your profits could grow to large sums of money.

#5: Learn about Value Betting

Far too many bettors bet on games with little value. They look at games they can easily predict and place a bet. But think about this. When you risk $100 to win $10, you’ll need to wager ten times to double your money.

With value betting, you focus on games with potentially generous returns yet there’s a chance you can predict them correctly. Imagine you identify a football team that has been scoring at least 10 points but also concedes 10 points in the last two months.

It means every match the franchise plays result in more than 20 points. However, in an upcoming game, bookies believe a ‘totals’ bet involving the team is worth +250 odds. Data shows you’re likely to be correct, so you bet.

If you bet $100 and win, you’ll walk away with $250 in addition to your initial stake. That’s what value betting is all about: finding games with great odds even if there’s data to help you predict correctly.

#6: Find and use Fair Bonuses

We’ve already mentioned some betting websites market their products by giving you free bets. What we didn’t mention, though, is that every free bet comes with terms and conditions. Bookmakers place these conditions to minimize their losses.

That being said, it’s still in your best interest to maximize your profits. So, look for free bets with the best terms and conditions. Look at the wager terms, the maximum you can withdraw and the validity period.

Some betting websites have more bonus promotions than others. Research around to find a sportsbook with multiple fair bonuses. These include reload offers, cash backs, bonus boosters and VIP rewards.

#7: Draft a Budget and a Staking Plan

The best way to succeed in betting is to treat it like a business project. Create a budget and a staking plan. Draft your gambling budget after deducting money for bills, savings and your emergency fund.

On the other hand, create achievable goals. You’re a beginner, so don’t plan to multiply your $200 budget 10 times within a month. Instead, focus on one bet at a time, all while following your staking plan. That way, you can’t overspend simply because you’re too confident about it.

Besides goals and budgeting, be disciplined. Most successful entrepreneurs are disciplined. They don’t make crucial decisions while drunk or when emotional. They make these decisions while sober and free of emotional influences.


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