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With the latest addition Paramount Plus In March, your Streaming tv Options-and your potential monthly payments-just keep expanding.Between Netflix, HBO Max, Disney plus, peacock And Hulu You can find yourself with an invoice comparable to a traditional cable subscription, No live broadcast.

However, if you know where to look, there are deals to find. Combine Hulu with Disney Plus to get free ESPN Plus. On the other hand, bundled with home internet or phone services, you can get a free subscription to Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, or Peacock Premium. Let’s disassemble them all.

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May 2021 Streaming New Features


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Through its Netflix on Us benefits, T-Mobile has long offered free Netflix on some of its unlimited plans, including the Magenta and Magenta Plus plans and the new Magenta Max option. An older plan called One and One Plus also includes Netflix, but the Netflix version is exactly different.

High-end options such as Magenta Plus, Max, and One Plus may include Netflix Standard, the most popular version of Netflix streaming in HD for $ 14 per month, as long as you have multiple lines. If you have a Max 1-line or basic Magenta plan, Netflix Basic is included (Netflix non-HD $ 9 version per month). Full details, including what you have to pay if you want to upgrade to a higher plan like Netflix Premium for 4K You can find it on the T-Mobile website..

Note: This is one Netflix subscription per T-Mobile account, not per individual line.

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AT & T, which owns HBO Max, bundles a number of wireless, TV, and home Internet plans with its WarnerMedia streaming service, but it could only be the most expensive option. Today, it means you can get a free HBO Max subscription with the Unlimited Elite Wireless Plan or the fastest 1 Giga Internet Plan. AT & T also offers a one-year subscription with the Choice or Ultimate AT & TTV packages.

The Telecom Giants also includes HBO Max with some legacy wireless offers in addition to existing offers. Older plans that bundle HBO Max include Unlimited Choice, Unlimited Choice II, Unlimited Enhanced Choice, Unlimited Plus, Unlimited Enhanced Plus, and Unlimited. Complete details for activating HBO Max You can find it on the AT & T website..

Note: This is one HBO Max subscription per AT & T account, not per individual line.

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T-Mobile has Netflix and AT & T has HBO Max, but Disney is the largest carrier in the country.

In recent wireless plans, carriers include a “Disney Bundle” (a Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus subscription that runs for a total of $ 14 per month) and PlayMore and GetMore unlimited plans. Other plans, such as the most affordable Start and Do More plans, include a 6-month Disney Plus, but no bundle.

Verizon allows you to combine and combine unlimited plans, so you can get benefits as long as you have a PlayMore or GetMore plan on one line of your account. Note that there is only one Disney subscription per Verizon account, not per individual line.

This transaction works for both new and existing Disney Plus subscribers, so cancel your subscription if you already have one, or run Verizon first if you have a 6-month trial period. Please continue with your regular subscription.

If you have a Play More Unlimited or Get More Unlimited plan before August 2020, you will get Disney Plus for one year, but if you haven’t activated it yet, you will only get Disney Plus for six months. If you switch to the updated version of either plan, you will be able to get the Disney bundle.

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Verizon and Sling have worked together to give new and existing Verizon wireless, Fios, and 5G Home users a two-month free Sling TV. Usually for $ 35 per month, the two packages offer live TV including TBS, TNT, and CNN, while the Blue package also includes the NFL Network, Fox News, MSNBC, and (in some markets) NBC and Fox local feeds. included. The Orange package doesn’t have the latter channel, but it does offer ESPN.

Instead, Sling offers a two-month free option with either an international package (up to $ 35 per month) or a Latin package (up to $ 15 per month). Existing Sling TV users are not eligible for the transaction and the details are as follows: Found on Verizon’s site..

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The $ 14 / month Disney bundle saves $ 5 per month over individual costs. Disney plus, ESPN Plus And Hulu subscription. This is basically the same as getting ESPN Plus for free.

If you already have a Hulu or ESPN account, you’ll need to combine them on your desktop. Here is a guide on what to do..

If you’re not using T-Mobile or don’t want to switch plans, visit Google and Netflix. 6-month standard subscription bundle on Chromecast with Google TV.. First introduced last year, this offer combines Google’s excellent streaming dongle with Netflix Standard for $ 90. The 6-month Netflix subscription itself costs close to $ 84, but Google devices usually work for $ 50.

The maximum number of transactions is 3 per customer, but you can add Netflix credits even if you already have an account (unless the account goes through a third party such as T-Mobile). If you decide to return your Chromecast and keep Netflix, you’ll get a $ 50 refund, which is only $ 40 for Netflix’s six months, saving $ 44 over regular payments.

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Sarah Tew / CNET

Don’t you need all these YouTube TV channels? Philo is a similar service, but with fewer channels and no sports, news, local channels, etc., but at a much lower price. This transaction halves the price of Philo, typically for $ 20 per month.

Like the YouTube TV contract, it’s available to almost all T-Mobile subscribers.You can use it with the promotion code until June 31st. 2021 Philo P1.

Read Philo Review..


Besides getting Hulu in the Verizon bundle, there are several ways to save on Disney’s other streaming services.

Students will want to check out Spotify’s Premium Student offer, which combines Spotify Premium, Hulu’s ad support plan, and Showtime for $ 5 per month. After all, bundles can save nearly $ 22 a month. To qualify, you must be a student over the age of 18 “enrolled in a Title IV accredited college or university in the United States,” and Spotify has confirmed that it qualifies in collaboration with a third party called SheerID. I will.

You must check your eligibility every 12 months and the offer will be available for a total of 4 years.All details You can find it on the Spotify site..

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College students who don’t want the Spotify and Showtime bundle can get Hulu, which is supported by ads, for $ 2 per month. Hulu also uses SheerID to verify eligibility. Details are available on Hulu’s site..

Discovery Plus

Another recent participant, Discovery streaming service $ 5 / month for ad-enabled options and $ 7 for ad-free plans. As with Disney Plus, the best way to get this for free is to use Verizon.

The telecommunications giant offers Discovery Plus’ ad-free tier for free for one year, offering certain unlimited wireless plans and new subscribers to Fios and 5G Home Internet plans.

Wireless users must have either a PlayMore or GetMore plan to sign a contract, but other unlimited plans such as Verizon Unlimited, Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, Above Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, Start Unlimited, etc. You can get 6 for free for a few months.All details You can find it on the Verizon website..

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Comcast, which owns Peacock and its parent NBCUniversal, has a $ 5 / month Peacock Premium subscription for all Xfinity Flex users, and at least Xfinity X1 and video customers who subscribe to the “Xfinity Internet or Digital Starter TV” Internet. Included. TV package.Details You can find it on the Peacock site..

Cable company Cox offers a $ 5 / month Peacock Premium subscription to Cox Internet users on a “Contour TV Essential or above” plan. If you have Cox Internet and have a subscription to Contour Stream Player or Contour TV Starter, you can “enjoy a limited-time preview” of Peacock Premium “at no additional charge”.All details You can find it on the Cox site..

If you don’t have Cox or Comcast, you can purchase Peacock’s annual subscription for $ 50 per year for Ad Premium and $ 100 per year for Ad-Free Premium Plus.


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Paramount Plus, the new kid of streaming blocks, replaced CBS All Access on March 4th.

ViacomCBS is back with new subscribers Offering transactions that can be prepaid with 50% off for the first year This time with a promotion code Year.. The service currently charges $ 6 per month (or $ 60 for annual purchases) for the ad-enabled base tier, while the ad-free option runs for $ 10 per month ($ 100 per year). With this offer, the annual subscription to Paramount Plus with ad support is $ 30 and the ad-free option is $ 50.

Note: In June, the ad support option will be priced at $ 5 per month as ViacomCBS will adjust its plans, especially removing live CBS feeds and not providing a complete catalog available for the service.

This transaction expired on March 31st.

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If you already have a standard HBO, you can probably do so Get HBO Max for free, Many AT & T wireless plans also include free HBO Max (see below). If you’re not in either camp and are looking to save money, prepay and get 20% off HBO Max for 6 months. This saves $ 20 compared to the regular $ 15 monthly fee.

The contract expired on March 1st.

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Peacock WWE added to platform on March 18thAnd to celebrate, NBCUniversal Streaming Service offers new users a deal. With this service, you can sign up and receive Peacock’s regular $ 5 / month premium service for four months at a flat rate of $ 10. This version gives you access to Peacock’s complete library, but you need to see the ads.

This transaction expired on April 9th.

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