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Instagram, like every other social media platform, can be a pleasant as well as a dangerous place for your kids. Instagram is a major cause of depression in teenage children. It is also often used as a platform to carry out cyberbullying. There are also a lot of dangerous personalities who use Instagram to try to trick children into doing things that can cause them harm.

Some kids spend so much time on Instagram that they leave important tasks undone. This can hurt their school work as well as their relationship with people in the real world. Also, if you suspect that your partner may be talking to a lover on Instagram, then you may need to find out if it’s true.

The reasons listed above are only some of the numerous reasons you would like to be able to monitor your children’s and lovers’ use of Instagram and other social media apps. The following list introduces you to the best Instagram spy apps that can be used to keep tabs on their activities. Let’s get started.

1.  uMobix

This is the best Instagram spy app you can get to monitor your children’s activities on Instagram. It features a user-friendly dashboard interface through which you can monitor all the activities on Instagram of your target device. The uMobix Instagram spy app, when installed on an iOS device, allows you to browse through and control the Instagram account through your dashboard. Installing it on an android device does not, however, give you unlimited access. Notwithstanding, you can monitor the Instagram app on an android device through screenshots which also let you know what is being done on the target device.

Several parents choose uMobix because it takes only a few minutes to install and set up the app on your target device. The uMobix support team is also on standby and can be very helpful in taking you through the process of getting the app up and running. uMobix is also capable of several things besides Instagram monitoring. With the uMobix app, you can monitor the phonebook of your target device and even track calls that are made to and from the device. This Instagram spy app also lets you monitor several other social media and instant messaging apps. It is the best spy app for WhatsApp as well as Facebook, Tinder, and many others. Using this Instagram spy app, you can also keep an eye on the location of your kids through its geolocation feature.

This Instagram spy app also gives you access to the pictures and videos stored on your children’s devices. This is helpful to make sure that they are not sending or receiving any inappropriate pictures using their phones. The uMobix spy app gives you access to deleted content on your target device, including contacts, text messages, and call logs. This way, your child cannot cover their tracks when they perform activities which they are not supposed to do. uMobix is available in three time-based packages. The monthly package costs $49.99, the quarterly package goes for $83.99, and the yearly package costs $139.99. The yearly package gives the best value as it costs only $11.99 per month.

2.  Spybubble Pro

Spybubble Pro is another great Instagram spy app that can be used to monitor your kid’s Instagram account. All you have to do to get started with Spybubble Pro is choose a subscription plan and then install it on your child’s phone. Spybubble Pro has a great support service that can assist you with any problems you have with the installation.

Once you have the app installed and set up, It automatically hides itself such that its tracking activities are unnoticeable. Spybubble Pro can be used to monitor Instagram accounts on both iOS and Android devices. However, on iOS, you have more freedom as you can easily control Instagram accounts. You can even block someone straight from your dashboard. Instagram accounts on android devices can, however, only be accessed via screenshots. You get these screenshots every five minutes so that you can keep track of your child’s activities on Instagram. Spybubble Pro, just like uMobix, has other features besides Instagram tracking.

This Instagram spy app lets you know what applications are installed on your target device and how much time is spent on each app. This lets you know if your child is really doing that assignment they claim to be doing or just chatting away on WhatsApp. You also get access to a record of browser usage of your target device, including web pages visited and bookmarks. This Instagram spy app will also let you control activities on your target device. It allows you to block certain apps and websites and even block messages from certain individuals. You can get Spybubble Pro for $49.99 monthly, $83.99 every three months, or $139.99 yearly.

3. Hoverwatch

Here’s yet another Instagram spy app that gives you access to your children’s Instagram accounts regardless of how far away from them you are. Getting this phone tracker set up takes only a few steps. Once you create an account, you can install the app on your target device and start monitoring it from the dashboard on any device of your choice.

One major shortcoming of this Instagram spy app is that it only lets you track android devices. This means that if your child uses an iOS device, you have no other choice than to look elsewhere. The Hoverwatch app on your target device remains invisible, and your target is oblivious to being tracked. The Hoverwatch app is undetectable by even the most tech-savvy individuals. Hoverwatch also has a lot of great features besides its ability to monitor Instagram accounts. Using this Instagram spy app, you can find out the location of your kids through their cell phones.

It uses the cell towers, wifi signals, and the GPS feature on the target device to give you an accurate fix on their location at all times. This spy app also has a feature where a picture is taken from the front camera each time the device is unlocked. This can be useful in case the device gets misplaced or stolen. A sim card swap alert is baked into this app that lets you know anytime your child changes their sim card. The Hoverwatch spy app gives you access to the target device’s web browsing history, allowing you to protect your children from unsafe websites and platforms. You can also get this app to take periodic screenshots of your target device’s screen to give you an idea of the usage of the device throughout the day. Hoverwatch is available for $24.99 monthly,$59.95 quarterly, and $99.95 yearly.


An Instagram spy app gives you access to your children’s Instagram accounts without the need to learn any hacking skills. These spy apps also help you ensure that your children stay safe at all times. They are therefore an asset that every parent should invest in. UMobix is highly recommended because it’s very effective and easy to use. However, the other apps mentioned above are also great to use. Your app, your choice!

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