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The best running watches can motivate you to run better, faster and more efficiently, as well as track your calories, heart rate and even sleep quality. These GPS-enabled fitness wearables are worn on the wrist and designed to give a detailed picture of health and lifestyle habits. They can track anything from location, movement and body temperature to blood oxygen levels, stress and sleep.

What the experts say

“A good running watch not only lets you know how far, or how fast you’ve been running but it gives you a whole range of insights that you can use – along with your own awareness of your body – to guide your training and monitor your fitness progress.” Kieran Alger, ultramarathon and marathon runner and fitness editor. 

If you’re looking for the latest in design and innovation then some of the best running watch brands include Polar, Garmin, Suunto, Apple Watch and Coros. We’ve collated the top-rated watches within guide, and put to them to the test in our reviews, so that you can find your perfect match to help make your workouts better.

Best running watches | Live Science Source link Best running watches | Live Science

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