Best Over-the-Counter Vitamins You Can Take Daily

A typical dietary supplement comprises vitamins, minerals, herbs, fish oil, and more. You can take any of these supplements to complete the nutrients your body requires. While it’s not a hidden fact that supplements enhance the body’s overall health, not all minerals and vitamins are created equal.

Some brands are pumped up with additives, fillers, and unhealthy ingredients you are not aware of. It can potentially do more harm than what you deemed to be beneficial for you. For that reason, it’s a must to choose from reputable brands that are carefully analyzed and tested by healthcare professionals.

How to Pick the Right Vitamins for You?

Most vitamins and minerals can be purchased over-the-counter and can be bought with the help of coupons from Some don’t need any prescription, but there are also times when the physician will get you medicine to treat the specific type of deficiency in the body.

Most dietitians suggest that food is the best source of vitamins and minerals. However, it’s impossible to acquire complete vitamins from eating food alone. People like the elderly are having a hard time absorbing the nutrients from the food they eat and folks don’t have easy access to nourishing food due to some factors like their places’ accessibility to food and nutrition.

In picking the right vitamins, one must ensure the potency of the supplement. You can talk to your healthcare provider or do your research on vitamins that your body can easily take in. Your supplement must be United States Pharmacopeia (USP) verified, has a US News #1 Pharmacist recommended seal, or has been recognized by reputable medical testing institutions like or NSF International.

Here are some over-the-counter brands of vitamins that have been tested by third-party organizations and verified purely based on research.

  1. Nature Made. Using a science-based approach, this company brand is committed to producing excellent supplements for its consumers. Its products are both USP verified and certified US #1 Pharmacist recommended. It offers multivitamins, minerals and is best known for creating the best D vitamins.
  2. Life Extension. This brand is well-known and offers quality vitamins and minerals. It claims that each supplement goes through substantial third-party testing. It may not hold USP verification, but it holds NSF International certification that allows information securing quality and transparency. It’s popular as the best joint health vitamin.
  3. Amazon Elements. This is a new brand for supplements which are accessible online using an Amazon Prime account. It might not have USP verification, but it’s formulated in the US cGMP laboratory and holds a certificate of analysis (CoA) in each supplement. It offers multivitamins and is best known for vegan biotin that supports hair growth.
  4. Nordic Naturals. This brand has a variety of supplements. Perhaps, it is best known for its superior quality of supplement for omega-3 with a plant-based formula. It also has supplements that include probiotics and multivitamins for children, teens, athletes, lactating women, and even pets. It provides CoA on each of its products and has been tested by
  5. Thorne Research. This is a supplement company that incorporates high-quality ingredients which are free from fillers, additives, and heavy elements. All of its supplementary products are verified by NSF International and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), a testing regulatory in Australia that heeds the assessment of how safe a medical product can be.

It offers supplements containing amino acids, omega-3, and well known as the best vitamin bone health comprising the necessary ingredients like calcium, magnesium, vitamins K and D.

  1. Metagenics. This brand offers premium quality on its vitamins. It formulates diverse supplements that include multivitamins and minerals. You are allowed to check its ingredients using the provided information based on the supplement’s lot number to check it’s composition.
  2. Kirkland Signature. To complete the list of reputable brand supplements, this brand creates one of the highest quality of vitamins and minerals. Its supplements are USP verified ranges from vitamins A, B, C, and D, fish oil, and minerals. It’s known for its B12 vitamins, which have been highly recognized due to their potency and purity.

Will Your Health Insurance Cover Your Vitamins?

Most health insurance providers may not give reimbursement for purchases from over-the-counter, but it may cover your supplements if prescribed by your physician. Most insurance companies will need a pre-approval to cater the prescribed vitamins. Generally, this is not a problem if your doctor specifically gave the prescription to treat any type of condition or ailment requiring dietary supplements.

Your healthcare provider might require your doctor to answer some documents if you have a particular diagnosis. When possible, research before arranging a doctor’s appointment and look for discounts for prescribed vitamins. Having discounts can help you save more on your prescriptions.

Also, always verify for third-party testing approvals in order to ensure that your health is not at stake and it’s worth it for every penny you pay.

The Bottom Line

With numerous vitamins and minerals available on the market, it is difficult to determine which supplements are deemed worthy based on their price tag. Purchasing from reputable supplementary providers and checking for vitamins made from high-quality ingredients will help you guarantee that you have the best vitamins and minerals possible.

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