Best of Lex: coal gives climate a black eye

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Talk about green energy support. The Crown Estate, which manages the Queen’s property, has been very successful from leasing a wind farm on the Crown’s seabed. These added about £ 1 billion to the value of the portfolio. Fortunately or wisely, Crown Estate has made some good choices.

Compare it with plans to destroy the Pacific Ocean floor for metal. This usually fails as an environmentally sustainable investment. But when the material goes to the battery of an electric car, that’s another story, or at least that’s what Metals claims. The US blank check company hastened the opportunity, with listings planned for later this summer.

While Rex seeks a clear view of investment opportunities, we generally support sustainable finance for its commendable purpose. After the coal price soared, I felt the need for investigation.

Coal, which is usually tagged as a villain among dirty fossil fuels, is doing very well. Especially in China, we blame the global recovery. The price of thermal coal has skyrocketed as China’s surge in electricity demand coincides with a shortage of fuel supply. Don’t bury coal property yetSaid Rex.

Europe has done more to stop using steaming coal for electricity. In addition, the EU has a functional carbon emissions trading system that determines the price of carbon and penalizes its emitters. Those contracts have skyrocketed. The EU plans to create a similar scheme for imported materials, excluding oil and natural gas. Avoiding conflicts with EU trading partners while satisfying local producers is a difficult balancing act.For Rex, that too Revenue generation scheme smack..

Supply pressures have boosted the US car rental business as tourism and business trips resume. Avis Budget’s share price has quadrupled over the past year. Hertz, the biggest rival who filed for bankruptcy last year, managed to leave the administration without wiping out all common shareholders. Some bargains Equipped with Lex from a car rental company or its stock recently existed.

Of course, if you’re traveling the world on a private jet, you don’t have to worry about car rental prices. Civil flight activity has already returned to pre-pandemic levels.It costs the climate Rex emitted 750 kg of CO2 per passenger, More than 7 times more than a full commercial flight.

Business jets dominate private jet activities. These are also status symbols for the ultra-rich. The pandemic has thickened the wallets of many millionaires. HSBC has invested heavily in the wealth and private banking sector for good reason. As of July last year, the Asia-Pacific region accounted for 38% of the world’s millionaires, half of which is in mainland China. Rex expected the bank’s efforts to be rewarded..

Again, you can’t get everything. I’m joking about where to put it. It’s not very interesting for people in the big data business. Every byte of every generated pixel requires not only computer processing, but also storage for later use. Data is accumulating rapidly.. Smart Money is looking for ways to manage storage.

Speaking of smart money, the city of London has long provided homes for smart financiers. As Lex wrote many times, Brexit did a little better with City. Using some funny animations, we laid out some possible scenarios of this historic banking center.Watch the video Here Please let us know what you think.

It’s fun and I hope you enjoy it like a weekend.

Alan Livesy
Lex Research Editor

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Best of Lex: coal gives climate a black eye Source link Best of Lex: coal gives climate a black eye

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