Best for Microsoft Azure certifications to learn on 2021

To be a Microsoft-certified professional has always been a matter of pride for individuals seeking great career heights. Recently Microsoft has expanded its horizons with umpteen number of certifications provided for every new advancement in technology. Microsoft Azure certification can be called the most in-demand IT certifications for 2021. It is considered to be one of the most challenging feats in terms of cloud certifications. As more and more Fortune 500 companies are adopting cloud Computing, the growth in Microsoft cloud certifications has increased multifold. Microsoft has seen consistent and grand success in its cloud computing revenue due to the advent of Microsoft Azure. Azure experts are very much in demand for their knowledge on cloud management and application. It gives individuals first-hand experience on how cloud technology works and benefits companies. It is one of the most secure and efficient platforms with elaborate privacy settings on multiple levels.

A few important factors before considering the Microsoft Azure Certification:

  • Your technical expertise will determine if you will go for an advanced Microsoft certification course or a Beginner level and start with the fundamentals.
  • Your present job role will dictate if this certification will add value to your skills. For example, if you are a Dot Net developer, you may consider choosing the Azure developer certification.
  • Your objective or a future goal will help guide you, what kind of Azure certification training you will pursue.

List of available Microsoft Azure Certifications:


Fundamental Certifications – AZ900 Associate Certifications – AZ-104 Expert Certifications – AZ-303 and AZ-304
Designed to illustrate the foundation level knowledge of Azure-based cloud computing services. Designed to illustrate the knowledge of how to implement, monitor, and maintain Microsoft Azure solutions. Demonstrate a Solutions Architect’s expertise in computing, networking, storage, security, and designing solutions that run on Azure.

Top reasons to choose AZ900: When you are just getting started with Azure, it is best recommended to start with the fundamental certification, which is the AZ 900. In addition, the Microsoft AZ-900 exam is recommended for people who do not have an in-depth technical background but have a basic working knowledge of cloud concepts.

How to prepare for the Azure Certification: It is of prime importance that you dedicate your time and efforts to crack the Azure certification. Microsoft also provides resources to help and guide you through the certification and exam. Browse through and learn your way through all the available resources and take up as many practice tests and questions to help crack that certification like a pro.

Pathway to Azure Certification:

  • The Microsoft Learning Platform: You will have access to the Microsoft Azure certification page, a leading learning resource to help you during the certification. It will provide you with valid information about the certification and the exam.
  • Azure documentation will help you build and manage powerful applications using Microsoft Azure cloud services. Get your hands on the documentation, Example code, tutorials, and many more options to learn from.
  • The Instructor-led training provides you with an online platform to learn the fundamentals of cloud computing from certified expert instructors who conduct training sessions. The on-demand classrooms provide an easy, efficient and convenient way to learn at your own pace and time.
  • Joining study groups can help boost your learning with discussions, sharing of content and resources, and teamwork. It enables you to connect with people of the same interest and ideas. You can share your queries and questions and also provide help to peers.
  • Expert-level knowledge available through Azure tutorials helps you master cloud computing technology with ease and confidence. You get some in-depth information about the exam and the important concepts of cloud computing.

Azure Certification Cost/Pricing: The price of the certification is $165. The duration of the exam is 150 minutes. You need to score a minimum of 700 to get certified in Azure. Azure certifications are valid for 2 years post which a renewing of the title and certification is performed. The certification exam can be taken online from the comfort of your home or office, the option of writing the exam at a center is also available.

Cloud computing is an essential tool whether you are an individual seeking to meet the demands of new-age technology, an IT professional, or an organization. Azure cloud computing technology has seen a massive surge in recent times. Earning a Microsoft Azure certification is an absolute asset to any individual on many levels to advance in his career. Since most of the data and storage is now in the cloud, working with cloud technology teaches you about the intricate details of deploying and developing business solutions using all the benefits of the cloud. This helps educate you on making the most out of this technology with bearing minimal costs. Register Now with Koenig Solutions to take your cloud computing skills to the clouds!


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