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While 65 inch TV Is the standard size for most homes. If you want to make it even bigger, the most obvious upgrade is the 75-inch model.It’s a size available in many The best TV series to review on CNET -Even those flashy OLED TVs (technically 77 inches, but still on this list).

If you’re wondering whether to use the better-performing 65-inch model or the slightly less performing 75-inch set, the cost is about the same. It is recommended to make it larger.. If you’re considering upgrading your viewing experience, increasing your TV screen size will make the most of your money, rather than slightly improving image quality, color accuracy, viewing angle, and other smart features. I can do it. But I don’t recommend you get a 75-inch TV that doesn’t work well enough to satisfy you. That’s where our guide comes in: to help you decide how much money to spend.

The list below represents the best TVs reviewed in the CNET test lab. Here we compare them side-by-side to see which one is most worth the purchase. the current, My tv lab is my basement, And as always, I actually reviewed the 65-inch sizes in the series listed below. That said, the 75-inch version is basically the same beyond the screen size. When reviewing your TV, consider factors such as the number of HDMI ports, color accuracy, contrast ratio, refresh rate, and smart features of your TV.

This is my latest recommendation. Update when reviewing a new TV. Please note the following:

  • Looking for a different size? check out: 32-inch TV, 43 inch TV, 55 inch TV And 65 inch TV..
  • If you are worried about it New 2021 tv Relax with great features and image quality improvements that you’ll miss if you buy your TV now. Television is generally a mature technology and our advice is if you need a new television right now You need to get one..
  • Some of the following TVs were launched in 2020. The new 2021 model is available and we have done some reviews so far. For the 2020 TVs on this list, we’ve included the 2021 Outlook section, which contains all the information we know (so far) about the new model.
  • Can’t you see what you’re looking for below?This is All tvs I reviewed, Will be added soon.

David Katzmaier / CNET

The TVs I’ve tested so far haven’t offered this much image quality with this little cash. Thanks to that, the 2020 TCL 6 Series has even better image quality than its predecessor. Mini LED technology Well implemented Full array local dimming This will help you go around almost every other TV at this price. It’s also a surefire choice for gamers with the new combined THX mode. Low input lag And high contrast. As if that wasn’t enough, the RokuTV operating system is our uncontrollable favorite.

2021 outlook: According to TCL, the TV will continue to be sold until most of 2021. I don’t expect it to be replaced at least until autumn. It may also be used throughout the year. TCL will also sell 8K version of 6 series, But I don’t think it’s worth the money.

Read the TCL 6 Series (75R635) Review..

Look at this:

TCL6 Series RokuTV Review: Brighter, Better …


Sarah Tew / CNET

What do you say Can you just want the best 75-inch TV and afford whatever you want? here you go. In my side-by-side testing, the LG G1 OLED TV is the best TV I’ve ever reviewed, with the best contrast in the world, perfect wide viewing angle, and excellent uniformity. It barely surpasses the LG CX photo below, providing a slimmer, wall-friendly design. The OLED TV isn’t 75 inches in size, so this 77-inch model is the closest model. If you can afford it, this is the perfect TV to get in this size range.

Please note that as of midsummer 2021, the 77-inch G1 is out of stock at many retailers.

Read the review of LG OLEDG1P series (OLED77G1PUA)..

David Katzmaier / CNET

With about the same image quality as the G1 above, the 2020 CX is an overall good choice for those who want a really great OLED TV but don’t have the money to burn it. The G1 was slightly brighter in my measurements and the video processing was slightly better, but it was very difficult to tell the difference. The only real advantage of the G1 is its slim styling, but the CX itself is pretty slim.

2021 outlook: A new model, called the C1, is now available for hundreds more than the CX. I haven’t reviewed it yet.add Some minor new features and improved processing But I think the image quality is almost the same as CX.

Read the review of the LG OLEDCXP series (OLED77CXPUA)..

David Katzmaier / CNET

Looking for a great quality high end TV, do you need OLED? Samsung QN90A is your best bet. This TV uses QLED technology enhanced by mini LEDs to deliver brighter images than any OLED TV. The stunning contrast of OLEDs also won my side-by-side test, but the QN90A is closer than ever.

Read the review of Samsung QN90A series (2021)..

Sarah Tew / CNET

Roku is our favorite platform for streaming apps such as Netflix and is even better integrated into this 75-inch 4K Ultra HD TV. The image quality of this 4K UHD TCL is unmatched by any of the above models. 4K resolution and HDR compatibility do nothing to the image, but for most people, especially at this price, it’s perfectly fine.

Read the review of TCL4 series RokuTV (2021)..

Jeffrey Morrison / CNET

Samsung sells more TVs than anyone else, and one of the most popular is the Q60A series. Its sophisticated design stands out compared to the other TVs on this list-although the ultra-thin OLED model is even more sophisticated-it offers better features and image quality than lower-priced models like the TCL4 series. Offers. The TVs listed above are of great value, but if you need a 75-inch Samsung TV and can’t buy the QN90A, this is for you.

Read the review of Samsung Q60A series (2021)..

Other things you need to know about buying a new TV

I’m sure you’re happy with one of the above TVs, but you may be looking for a little more information as the new smart TV can be a big investment. Here is a simple and dirty list.

  • In my opinion, the bigger the better. Large TVs are cheaper than ever, and it’s best to spend money on large screen sizes rather than slightly improving image quality.
  • If you don’t like the built-in smart TV system, you can always add a media streamer to add more content. They are cheap and easy to use and receive updates more often than most smart TVs. See the best streaming devices here..
  • Most TVs have terrible sound quality speakers built in, so it’s worth pairing the new set with a soundbar or other speaker system. Good things start at around $ 100. See the best soundbars here..

Looking for more information?Everything you need to know (and more) is here Buy a new tv..

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