Ben Rathbun Friendzoned by 22-Year-Old Mahogany: WHY Aren’t You My Girlfriend?!

In last weekend’s episode 90 days groom: before 90 dayseven Ben knew it something was “gone” in the mahogany.

Fans may not blame him for taking him to an apparently fake apartment.

More than twice her old man flies to his country despite his opposition and wants to meet?

When Ben tells Mahogany that he feels hurt that he is his “friend,” he begins to ask difficult questions about his past.

“Let’s talk now,” Ben Rathbun tells Mahogany Roca during a serious discussion in this 12th episode of Season 5.

“What changed when we sent text messages and were so close?” He asks.

“Because when I found out we were just friends, not boyfriends and girlfriends,” Ben says, “it really happened.”

Mahogany Roca in a tense conversation

“I’m really sorry,” Mahogany tells Ben.

“But I didn’t know you were thinking …” he begins before switching to Spanish to express himself most clearly.

“Because,” Mahogany explains, “you never said ‘let’s be a couple.’

Ben Rathbun is pretty weird about everything

“How did you pass that stage?” Mahogany asks.

He commented, “It doesn’t make sense.”

Generally, when one guy goes over and beyond to meet a woman he calls his “girlfriend,” but this isn’t, it’s a huge red flag.

Ben Rathbun embarrasses Mahogany Roca good night

“So,” Ben says, “I said we’re going to have a family and I’m in love with you.”

He continues, “And that next step is, maybe we’ll get engaged.”

“And so I just assumed …” Ben admits. “I see it means something else to you.”

Ben Rathbun wants to impress mahogany

“Yeah!” Mahonki says.

“For me, it was practically just texting,” he says from their previous conversations.

Then he talks to the camera how weird it is that Ben thought this was a relationship.

Ben Rathbun sees Mahogany Roca for the first time

“For me,” Mahogany tells the camera, “it’s normal to talk about things like marriage or family before you start a relationship.”

He explains that this is “so we know if we’re on the same page.”

“But,” Mahogany points out, “Ben assumed we were already in a relationship.”

Ben Rathbun steps into the world's smallest taxi

Mahogany then directs the subject to another concern in his mind.

“Answer me something, have you ever dated a couple in your life?” He asks.

It’s a fair question to see if he’s used to this and trying to understand why he’s struggling with communication.

Mahogany Roca's face after Ben asks to see his parents tonight

“After my divorce, I was dating a 27-year-old for three years,” Ben admits.

“And we’re going to get married,” she specified.

“But when it came,” Ben said, “he didn’t accept my children.”

Ben Rathbun sees bunk beds in the alleged room

“It’s really weird because you first told me your first wife didn’t work because it was a religious fault,” Mahogany recalls.

“Now you’re telling me you went out with a 27-year-old girl, but she didn’t accept your children,” she says.

Showing the impression, Mahogany asks, “So Benjamin is perfect and doing nothing?”

Ben Rathbun meets Mahogany Rocan

“I feel like I don’t have to defend my past because it’s behind me now,” Ben tells him.

That sounds pretty defensive, especially for a man who vomits as many red flags as he has, if not more.

Season 5, Episode 12 could see that the tables turned to Ben again. Fans probably have as many questions for him as Mahogany.

Ben Rathbun Friendzoned by 22-Year-Old Mahogany: WHY Aren’t You My Girlfriend?! Source link Ben Rathbun Friendzoned by 22-Year-Old Mahogany: WHY Aren’t You My Girlfriend?!

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