Belgium scraps almost all COVID-19 measures as crisis eases

Electronic micrograph transmitter of SARS-CoV-2 strains (variants UK B.1.1.7), isolated from the patient sample and trained in cell culture. Credit: NIAID

Belgium began easing most of its COVID-19 sanctions on Monday in its largest easing measure since the start of the crisis two years ago.

I went for a coronavirus passport that allows access to bars, restaurants, theaters and cinemas along borders.

Facemasks, a long symptom of the disease, will not be necessary until the ear public transportation and in the field of health.

The government announced last week that 11 million people will move from the orange number – the second strongest for virus levels – to the yellow number until Monday.

Diseases in the week ending March 5 fell 24% compared to the previous week and stood at 5,854 cases. New hospitals and care facilities continue to shrink rapidly.

Other European countries are also easing their prevention measures, while many governments are developing regulations to stay with coronavirus.

Belgium to ease COVID-19 levels as the disease progresses

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Belgium scraps almost all COVID-19 measures as crisis eases Source link Belgium scraps almost all COVID-19 measures as crisis eases

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