Belgium reels from deadly floods

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It was supposed to be a national holiday Belgium today, fê tenationaleHowever, the festival is overshadowed by the fallout of recent deadly floods. At least 31 people have died and about 70 are still missing. A day of mourning was declared yesterday, and a minute of silence was seen at noon across the country, including EU agencies.

Given the depressed mood and the ongoing rescue efforts, some wonder if the traditional military parade in Brussels is appropriate. According to local media, Some firefighter units want to boycott the festival.

Plans are underway to test the limits of Brussels’ patience (and responsiveness during the summer vacation) across the channel, as the UK Government expects. Announce strategy Today, I’m trying to eliminate most of the checks Irish sea..This is the British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab and the European Commission in the UK Sovereignty of Gibraltar..

On the final day before summer vacation, yesterday’s committee was accused of moving away from stronger defenses. Media freedomGiven the latest exposure of the Hungarian government, which is spying on investigative journalists. The same spyware developed by an Israeli company may have been used to eavesdrop on Emmanuel Macron’s phone at the request of Moroccan authorities. (((Click here for details).

And we will hear from Shoshana ZubovA US scholar focusing on privacy and the rare and supportive American voice on EU-planned Big Tech regulations.

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Hungary again

The spy scandal surrounding the Israeli company NSO Group is by the European Commission Rule of Law ReportAfter a newspaper consortium revealed that spyware was allegedly purchased by the Hungarian government to eavesdrop on journalists’ phones.

In one example According to the GuardianTargeted journalists sought information on Russian banks relocating to Budapest, despite suspicion that Budapest was the front line of Russian intelligence.

Hungary’s interior minister said on Monday that there was no illegal surveillance and that state intelligence was subject to audits that could prove it.

The NSO Group denied media coverage and its products were “sold only to law enforcement and scrutinized government intelligence agencies with the sole purpose of saving lives by preventing crime and terrorist acts. “.

Commissioners Bella Jouroba and Didier Reynders, who answered questions from journalists yesterday, Spy journalists It was not accepted.

The Commission relies primarily on its own services to understand what happened in Hungary, Rainers said. It’s okay if the Hungarian authorities start their own investigation, but “we use a variety of sources,” he said.

And if the Victor Oban government turns out to have actually spy on reporters, the Commission has a variety of tools at its disposal: taking Hungary to court (12th time), EU funding. to freeze(Also not the first And it definitely hurts the Hungarian people more than their leaders) or escalate the Article 7 procedure (Poland refuses that step and will not lead to a suspension of Hungarian voting rights. right).

Jourova added that the Commission was working on recommendations to all Member States on the safety of journalists. Increased number Number of reported cases of harassment, intimidation, and violence against reporters.

Ultimately, the Commission may pursue its best-known strategy: late, hoping that this too will be blown away.

Chart du jour: Cheap cash

While online trading and digital currencies may be all the rage these days, cash is still very important to merchants, at least when it comes to business costs.The· FT Martin Wolf digs deeper Learn about the brave new world of digital currencies and why central banks are important in building confidence in these technologies.

Challenge big tech

U.S. voices in recent weeks have been widely critical of the EU’s desire to regulate or tax Big Tech, but former Harvard Business School professor and author Shoshanazbov said. Age Surveillance capitalism, All in favor of European efforts.

In an interview with Javier Espinoza In Brussels, Zubov Proposed EU regulations The December proposal, combined with existing data protection rules and plans to monitor artificial intelligence, finally uncovered the myth that Big Tech is out of control.

“Digital Services Law, Digital Market Law, GDPR, Artificial Intelligence Democratic Governance Legislation-All of these are powerful to reject this myth that cyberspace is unaffected by the laws governing the behavior of others. It represents the first step. A social aspect, “she said.

This year, Germany’s MEP Andreas Schwab, who is in charge of steering the debate over DMA, said it should be focused. Suppress power Of the five largest tech companies, all happen to be Americans.

This caused a backlash in the United States with the White House request EU officials soften what it described as anti-American sentiment.

Zuboff’s remarks are made by the U.S. legislature Promote overhaul Antitrust rules to increase competition in fear that big tech companies are getting too big and weakening their rivals. Some suggestions even include the concept of splitting them.

Efforts are underway on both sides of the Atlantic to force the Big Tech Group to pay a portion of the tax. This month, the world’s major economies, with the support of the Biden administration, agreed to an agreement on the world’s minimum corporate tax rate. However, the EU’s proposal to impose a digital levy has been postponed until fall. Mainly insistence US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s.

What to see today

  1. EU Ministers of the Environment meet in Slovenia to discuss last week’s Green Deal proposal

  2. Belgium will host a military parade on National Foundation Day

Notable, quoteable

  • Initial stock: Updated tests of blood samples collected in Italy as early as October 2019 Revived the debate Before the Chinese authorities confirmed the first case in Wuhan, about whether the coronavirus was prevalent in Europe. Samples were collected as part of a lung cancer screening program.

  • Belfast boom: Northern Ireland’s anxiety and turmoil never stopped Investment flow Moving from a financial and professional services company to Belfast, US banking giant Citigroup and local firm FinTrU plan to add hundreds of jobs.

  • women only: Swiss bank UBS has launched a portfolio called Carmen. Women-led hedge fund In an effort to improve the diversity of traditionally male-dominated sectors.

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