Beijing accuses US of treating China as ‘imaginary enemy’ in meeting between top diplomats – KION546

Stephen Jean and Steve George, CNN

China’s Deputy Foreign Minister Xie Feng said in a meeting with U.S. Deputy Secretary Wendy Sherman on Monday that the collapse of Sino-US relations was due to some U.S. people treating China as a “fictitious enemy.” It was told. In a statement provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

Sherman arrives in a city in the north of Tianjin on Sunday as part of a meeting with Xie and State Council members and Foreign Minister Wang Yi. What her office explained As an ongoing US effort to engage in candid exchanges with Chinese authorities to “advance US interests and values ​​and manage relationships responsibly.”

A statement from the Chinese ministry prior to the meeting between Sherman and the Wang accuses the United States of rekindling its “national purpose” by organizing a “government-wide and society-wide” campaign to demonize and suppress China. did. ..

“The United States seems to be asking for help when asking China for something. If it believes China has an advantage, it will cut off China, cut off supply, block or sanction. Anyway, in conflict and conflict. I will sue. “

Mr. Xie also said that the United States was “not in a position to lecture China on democracy and human rights,” pointing out the historical treatment of Native Americans in the United States and US military action.

The US side has not yet issued a statement regarding the meeting.

Talks are held in each country Conflicting Alaska At the March meeting, both diplomats publicly exchanged thorns.

At the first meeting under US President Joe Biden, Chinese diplomats accused the US delegation of “looking down” in its tone, and US officials said Beijing’s representative was “magnificent.” I’m in a good position. “

Since Alaska, the two countries have been in conflict on various fronts, and the US government is very critical of China’s policies in Hong Kong and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. China announced on Friday new sanctions on seven U.S. officials, including former Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, and U.S. sanctions on several Hong Kong government officials, according to China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. did.

Willy Lam, an adjunct professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a longtime analyst in Chinese politics, spoke with CNN and said China-US relations were “the worst ever.”

Therefore, talks such as between Sherman and Wang are aimed at preventing the hostility from deteriorating into a direct conflict, Lam said. “Sherman said he wanted to create guardrails and parameters so that he could handle the dispute through negotiations, not through direct conflicts or disputes,” Ram said.

“Hopefully negotiations are successful, Joe Biden and President Xi Jinping President G20 Summit to be held in Italy there is a possibility to meet directly in October,” said Lamb said.

“But the Chinese had previously refused to meet between US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and senior officials of the Central Military Commission of China. The Chinese were also cold about setting up a hotline, so it was. It remains highly doubtful that it will be a top-level summit between Byden and the West, “Lam added.

Wang Yi told Hong Kong broadcaster Phoenix Television that “no country is better than any other country” prior to the meeting with Sherman on Monday. China will not accept a country that takes such a position.

“The United States has always put pressure on others to look down on them, believing that they are better than others,” Wang said on Saturday. “But I would like to say on the US side that no country is and should never be better than any other country, and China will not accept a country that boasts its superiority.”

Wang’s comment was in response to a US State Department spokesperson who said at a press conference last Wednesday that Sherman would travel to China “from a powerful standpoint.”

“If the United States has not learned to date how to get along with others on an equal footing, it is our responsibility with the international community to give the United States a good lesson in this regard,” he added.

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Beijing accuses US of treating China as ‘imaginary enemy’ in meeting between top diplomats – KION546 Source link Beijing accuses US of treating China as ‘imaginary enemy’ in meeting between top diplomats – KION546

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