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Allegations of witness manipulation. A “misleading” plot. Accusations of public officials who have difficulty reaching out to Turpin adults to help them, and that their lawyer does not have adequate access to them.

The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office tried to get the court-appointed attorney for the seven adult children of David and Louise TurpinJack Osborn, removed from the case.

His company responded that the Prosecutor’s Office was sending employees to talk to the Turpin without him being notified.

And finally, an exasperated judge wondered if relations between the parties were irreparable.

Pre-sealed transcripts obtained by the Southern California News Group show that in June 2018, five months later the 13 Turpin children were rescued of a life of torture and neglect in their Perris home, the agencies charged with protecting and providing services to adults spent hours and hours and piles of paper fighting each other in closed hearings in Riverside County Testament Court.

The criminal case concluded in April 2019 co Turpins’ parents are sentenced to 25 years in life imprisonment in state jail without the children testifying. Now only two of the initial seven adults are still represented by Brown White and Osborn.

“There were issues that arose, that interfered with our ability to access Turpin’s victims,” District Attorney Mike Hestrin said in a written statement on Friday, July 1st. “This has raised concerns about our ability to obtain all relevant evidence in the case.… When these concerns arose, we took immediate legal action to ensure that our legal and ethical obligations to both victims and defendants were met.”

Any such blockade, Hestrin said, did not prevent his office from meeting the needs of the Turpin.

Robert Youssef, a spokesman for the Public Guardian, declined to say whether the conflict interfered with his agency’s service delivery, citing the investigation by retired federal judge Stephen Larson that was announced by the county after Jennifer, Jordan and Joshua Turpin. said ABC News’ “20/20” on a nationally televised show in November they had difficulty getting money from a trust fund, adequate food and housing and life skills services for that agency.

Osborn did not return any messages to comment.

The conflict was on several fronts, according to transcripts:

• Osborn said he believed his company had the right to advise Turpins adults on the criminal case in addition to their duties to represent their other interests.

The prosecution disagreed, saying they did not need a criminal lawyer because they were granted immunity; at least one investigator believed that some of the older Turpins carried out the punishments of their parents when the parents were not at home.

• Osborn insisted on being present when his clients met with prosecutors and the Public Guardian employees.

But those agencies argued that Osborn was trying to prevent his clients from meeting with those parties. Osborn, meanwhile, accused the Public Guardian of trying to stop him from speaking in private with the Turpin.

At a June 2018 hearing, County Deputy Maria Bryant, representing the Public Guardian, said, “We have our client informing us that the Conservatives (Turpins) still want to meet with their DA advocates, but we don’t allow them “at the request of Mr Osborn. So our client is basically caught up in this battle between those who have access to these conservatives.”

• Some Turpins apparently believed that Osborn and his associates wanted the Turpins to hide positive information about their parents testifying, prompting Deputy District Attorney-Chief Kelli Catlett to suggest opening a witness manipulation investigation into Osborn.

“Good stuff, he acted like it wasn’t important,” the prosecutor’s investigator said in a statement, citing Jennifer Turpin. “From how I see it, I don’t care if you need to know or not. I want the whole story to be known.” There is no evidence that Osborn was charged with witness manipulation.

• Some Turpins said Osborn lied to them about various issues, such as Osborn’s role in the criminal case and whether they would have to testify, and they wanted a new lawyer. Osborn said he never lied and that the Turpins often misunderstood him.

“All of us involved in their representation had to explain to them very, very basic concepts, not just in the legal field,” he said in a closed hearing. “I had to explain the FM radio to them.”

• In a letter of resignation and resignation to the DA’s office on June 15, 2018, Brown White & Osborn partner Kenneth White said it was actually the DA’s office that was responsible for the Turpins questioning the veracity of the DA’s office. lawyers.

The DA had been sending advocates for victims and witnesses to meet with the Turpin without the knowledge of the law firm, a practice White described as “misleading.”

The judge offers his thoughts on the tension

At a hearing on June 27, 2018, the judge intervened.

“It’s hard to read anything I’ve read here in terms of accusations of lies coming and going,” Superior Court Judge Thomas H. Cahraman said. “People (should) have a little bit of sensitivity about how another person might feel.

“Even though everyone is calling the other person a liar, maybe we are beyond diplomacy, and that can be,” the judge said.

Cahraman, who has already retired, decided two days later that Osborn could advise the Turpins on the criminal case and be present during interrogations. The prosecution challenged that decision in an appellate court and lost.

Jennifer Turpin, in a picture of the ABC TV show ’20 / 20 ‘that aired on November 19, 2021 and posted on YouTube, told investigators at the Riverside County Prosecutor’s Office that she believed her court-appointed guardianship attorney, Jack Osborn, wanted her to withhold positive information about her parents was testifying in her torture case. Osborn refused to tell the Turpin that they had lied. (Via YouTube)

Behind the scenes in Turpin case, harsh accusations between lawyers – Press Telegram Source link Behind the scenes in Turpin case, harsh accusations between lawyers – Press Telegram

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