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As a reminder, I don’t think the Rothschild bankers own the space solar power plant that caused the wildfires that are currently rampant on the west coast.

Nor is it in the position that the 2020 presidential election was stolen by Donald Trump.

But let’s make it completely clear. I believe it is correct for Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz to say these things in public forums.

So recently I’ve endorsed these nuts against the hysterical censorship that saw their scheduled rally canceled in public protests in Riverside and Anaheim earlier this month. I noticed.

In other words, they are more afraid of hysterical censorship by mobs than howling in the jackal’s sky.

This firm conclusion came from a series of events that began earlier this month when Gates and Green announced that they would host a rally called “America First” at the Pacific Hills Banquet & Event Center in Laguna Hills. However, the event was canceled in hopes of avoiding controversy.

Moved to Riverside Convention Center. But after some stumbling blocks, it was also canceled there. It was then moved to the Anaheim Event Center. Then it was canceled there.

On the riverside, the reaction was unpleasant. At the beginning of this dance, a Democratic group rushed to Laguna Hills by activist Sheila Kay Riley in a tricky Dick Nixon-style operation and blocked attendance without using them. I was prompted to do it.

Laguna Hills has been canceled and the Riverside Convention Center has been announced as the new home for the rally. However, the fur began to fly. A Facebook poster claims that the respected Mission-In owner, Duein Roberts, put Green and Gates (perhaps in separate rooms) on his behalf and pressured the convention center to host the rally. Did.

After the dust settled, users admitted that the dynamic duo weren’t staying in the inn and Roberts’ involvement wasn’t true. She acknowledged Riley’s achievements by finally checking the allegations after publication and showed that she didn’t mind doing so before publishing to people on Facebook.

If you know what’s wrong with social media, read the last paragraph again.

Then there was hysteria. One Facebook user said he was “afraid” of the prospects for the rally. But obviously law enforcement wasn’t worried that something would get out of hand. Indeed, when 100 “massive” mobs finally appeared in the city hall, a few name calls took place.

At a meeting of the Riverside City Council next Tuesday, some citizens pointed out that they were unconstitutional — something about the First Amendment when those rallies were cancelled. Still, some council members and Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson did not stop supporting a move to ban these speakers from the city-owned convention center.

Beat bad ideas with good ideas, not censorship and cancellation – San Bernardino Sun Source link Beat bad ideas with good ideas, not censorship and cancellation – San Bernardino Sun

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