Bear Market Success Story: Revisit PENN’s 2,900% Rally

Investors are still in the selling mood to start this week after the inflation surprise on Friday.

But some stocks will use this bear market as a starting point for a 10-fold increase.

Frightened investors caused another sell-off on Friday after inflation data showed that as much as we could have hoped otherwise, high prices were still unbalanced. The consumer price index rose by 8.6% in May – the highest in 40 years!

Sustained inflation means that the Federal Reserve will have to be Even more aggressive. And that’s a big headwind for the market.

Here’s the thing…

I do not care about prolonged repair or bear market because these are the conditions that create massive opportunities to increase your money 10 times. This is the focus of my brand new brand 10X capital Trade research service … that’s really the origin of his name!

We hit quite a bit Examples At Money & Markets over the past few weeks.

I want to give you another example of a company that shook off a brutal bear market to go up 29 times.

First, let me guide you through my playbook.

How to Find 10X Bear Market Winners

My research has shown that stocks that have enjoyed epic issues of 1,000% or more in just one year have certain characteristics:

  • Shares were already on the rise.
  • They have shown better momentum than the overall market.
  • They will be priced attractively after a lower drop.
  • These businesses have been supported by mega-powerful and multi-decade trends.

These were the exact conditions at the beginning of Epic 29 times the move Which began in the first months of the plague.

PENN accumulated 90% during the corona crash

You remember how scary the world looked back in the first quarter of 2020.

COVID-19 has spread around the world. In March, most of the world was under some degree of lockdown. The stock market collapsed in one of the fastest bear markets in history. The travel and leisure industry was destroyed.

As a point case, consider Penn National Gaming (NASDAQ: PENN). The stock enjoyed a nice uptrend in the months leading up to the epidemic. PENN shares more than doubled between August 2019 and February 2020.

Then the plague struck …

From February highs to March lows, PENN fell just under 90%. Investors Believed the plague would destroy the company’s casino business. They will actually price the company on bankruptcy.

The mega sports betting trend has driven PENN’s profit of 2,900%.

But here’s the thing. Penn is not just a casino operator. It’s also a major player in online sports betting … one of the biggest entertainment trends in decades.

Sports betting has traditionally had a vague reputation. If you wanted to gamble on a game, you had to “meet a guy” who was willing to act as an illegal gambling agent … and you had to trust them. The defamation factor of the industry has kept many gamblers away.

Demand has always been there. It was just a matter of changing the perception of the public.

And when the plague left everyone in a remote viewing house, PENN had a captive audience.

Online gambling has brought sports betting to the lucrative mainstream …

Leave history.

PENN’s price peaked in the first quarter of 2020. It then continued to rise by 2,900% in just under 12 months.

Anyone brave enough to make the move when stocks were down would earn 29 times the money.

And this current bear market is creating lots of other potential PENN-like opportunities.

The bear market 10 times opportunity

My new 10X capital The system will change the game in this bear market. My team and I will go after stocks with the potential to reach returns of 1,000% in just one year.

We want to help turn an investment of $ 10,000 into $ 100,000!

And I do not want you to miss.

I know the markets are looking tough right now. But there will be stocks that will come out of this mess much stronger.

My system will help us find the ones with the most profit potential of 1,000% in the future.

Watch my “10 X Fortunes Summit” now to see how.

For good profits,

Adam Odell

Chief Investment Strategist

Bear Market Success Story: Revisit PENN’s 2,900% Rally Source link Bear Market Success Story: Revisit PENN’s 2,900% Rally

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