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A landmark season for Casey Goodman and his Bakersfield College softball team was cut short on Saturday in Walnut.

After a horrific incident on Friday night, the eighth-ranked Renegades failed to get the same offensive firepower as it turned into a double game on Saturday at Mt. Against the champion and first qualifier of San Antonio College. He gave Talia Nielsen all the strength he could in the three full-game efforts against the Mounties, dropping 258 pitches in 20 innings and 10 runs in 22 hits.

With the victory, Mt. SAC will be one of the four representatives of SoCal in Thursday’s Bakersfield state playoffs.

The Renegades stunned the Mounties with a seventh inning of four runs as Nivea Rader hit Grace Pieson’s one-run two-run lead.

Rader, who joined Kady Smith as a nominated runner-up, entered the game with a total of five RBIs in five strokes throughout the season. Runners on the sidelines and one away, tied 4-4 after a single Shelbie Valencia RBI, Pieson deliberately walked Rylee Price to reach Rader.

But the outside player took home two full-fledged home games, and Marissa Campos added a sacrifice to make it 7-4. Nielsen scored three knockouts for BC to win a game, open the series and pull off a 22-game winning streak for the Mounties.

Renegades had to make a profit after a single and due to a mistake, Alyssa Gonzalez cleared the basics in the fourth inning. Those three runs offset Shelby Buchanan’s RBI roundout and home run.

Mt. The SAC hit first in the starting box when Asia Chacon came in third, with only one knockout, and Desiree Bravo put a ball into the game to bring it home.

Brianna Goris was left without a hit, but got three walks, the first time Nielsen had left a total of three walks in a game all season.

The Mountaineers struck out in Game 2 as Pieson and Serena Navarret teamed up to relinquish the only race they had won in the BC lineup.

However, Renegades got another four-run inning thanks to a single from Kylie Havens, and then a three-run error from Arely Coronado made it Navarrete’s first hitter against Price.

But at the time the mountaineer was 5-0, largely due to a combination of Chacon’s second baseman and Bravo’s designated player, who each received three blows. Nielsen delivered 10 hits for the first time since his first game of the season, Mt. He was also against the SAC.

Meanwhile, BC scored just two hits throughout the game, with Havens and Price one each.

Navarret left only one baserunner at his start, and the Mountaineers added an assurance when Ashley Diaz scored on a pass to make it 6-4.

One of the Renegades was cold for a long time, as BC needed almost four innings to record Pieson’s first blow.

Meanwhile, the star of the Goris team showed his ability to play to win the South Coast Conference triple, finished 3rd out of 3 with a two-run home run by Nielsen, and opened the game in the fifth inning and made it 4th. 1.

Moments earlier, Renegades had stopped three runners. With BC 2-0 behind, Campos doubles and Buchanan’s walk ended Pieson’s day and entered Navarrete, but Alyssa Miller entered the pitch with a full base. Destiny Cuellar scored two knockouts for Campos to score; however, Nielsen came off the ground to end the rally.

Renegades put two runners at the bottom of the seventh down three with power forward Kady Smith in the cap, but Navarret took a short stop on the ground to end the BC season.

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BC softball sees season come to a crushing end at Mt. SAC | Sports Source link BC softball sees season come to a crushing end at Mt. SAC | Sports

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