Basketball Godz, Handlez roll on in NBA 2K League’s Slam Open

Basketball Godz and Handlez fans secured their second consecutive NBA 2K League victory on Thursday in the three-on-three Slam Open event.

Basketball Godz defeated the Raptors Uprising GC 3-1 and Handlez beat the Gen.G Tigers 3-1.

The other three amateur or community teams in action on Thursday all fell to NBA 2K League enemies. Bucks Gaming defeated Triple Threat 3-0, NetsGC defeated Dot Squad 3-1, and Jazz Gaming defeated Intimidators 3-0.

In two NBA 2K League games, Hawks Talon GC beat Heat Check Gaming 3-1, Wizards District Gaming beat Celtics Crossover Gaming 3-2, T-Wolves Gaming beat Mavs Gaming 3-2, Blazer5 Gaming beat DUX Infinitos 3-1, Cavs Legion GC defeated Warriors Gaming Squad 3-1, Grizz Gaming defeated Magic Gaming 3-1, and Lakers Gaming defeated Kings Guard Gaming 3-0.

The 32-team field includes the 24 NBA 2K squads and eight other teams: trio of fans who advanced in the standings and “community” teams with 2K influencers on social media.

For the remote group game, which runs through May 6, the field was divided into eight groups, each consisting of three teams in the NBA 2K League and one amateur or community team. The top two teams in each group will advance to the round of 16, the start of the group game that will take place May 11-14 in person at the NBA 2K League Studio in Indianapolis.

Teams will face all other teams in their group twice in the top five games. The round of 16 will also feature games in the top five, while the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final will feature the top seven. The winning team will receive $ 60,000 from the $ 150,000 Slam Open.

Twelve games are scheduled for Friday:

–Handlez vs. Grizz Gaming

–Triple Threat Vs. T-Wolves Gaming

–Dreamshakers vs. Pistons GT

–Pacers Gaming vs. Kings Guard Gaming

–76ers GC vs. Basketball Godz

–Wizards District Gaming vs. NetsGC

–Hornets Venom GT vs. Heat Check Gaming

–Celtics Crossover Gaming vs. Dot Squad

–Team Smoke vs Hawks Talon GC

–Magic Gaming vs. Gen.G Tigers

–Lakers Gaming vs. Glitchy

–Raptors Uprising GC vs. Knicks Gaming

The NBA 2K League season runs through August, focusing on tournament play and tournament qualifying events. The traditional five-on-five tournaments are The Tipoff (start of the season), The Turn (mid-season) and The Ticket (end of the season).

The league is also adding a trio of three-on-three tournaments that will lead to a three-on-three championship with separate prizes.


Group 1

1. Handlez, 2-0

T2. Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai, 1-1

T2. Grizz Gaming, 1-1

4. Magic Gaming, 0-2

Group 2

T1. 76ers GC, 2-0

T1. Basketball Godz, 2-0

T3. Raptors Uprising GC, 0-2

T3. Knicks Gaming, 0-2

Group 3

1. Hawks Talon GC, 2-0

T2. Team Smoke, 1-1

T2. Hornets Venom GT, 1-1

4. Heat Check Games, 0-2

Group 4

1. Wizards District Gaming, 2-0

T3. Celtics Crossover Gaming, 1-1

T3. NetsGC, 1-1

4. Dot Squad, 0-2


Group 5

1. Pistons GT, 2-0

2. Cavs Legion GC, 2-1

3. Warriors Gaming Squad, 1-2

4. Dreamshakers, 0-2

Group 6

1. Pacers Gaming, 2-0

T2. Foul, 1-1

T2. Lakers Gaming, 1-1

4. Kings Guard Gaming, 0-2

Group 7

1. T-Wolves Gaming, 2-0

2. Bucks Gaming, 2-1

3. Gaming Mavs, 1-2

4. Triple Threat, 0-2

Group 8

T1. DUX Infinitos, 2-1

T1. Blazer5 Gaming, 2-1

T1. Jazz Gaming, 2-1

4. Intimidators, 0-3

NBA 2K League Slam Open

1. $ 60,000

2. $ 30,000

3-4. $ 15,000 each

5-8. $ 7,500 each

–Media at field level

Basketball Godz, Handlez roll on in NBA 2K League’s Slam Open Source link Basketball Godz, Handlez roll on in NBA 2K League’s Slam Open

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