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Salinas Valley — Soledad and King City high school baseball teams will enter this week with a playoff berth in the Central Coast section.

King City won an entry into the tournament starting later this week after a 13-3 home game with Gonzales High last Thursday. Mustang won a complete game from pitcher Elijah Clavijo, who won five innings with a ten-run rule.

Claviho helped his cause with two RBIs and two RBIs. John Michael Soto added 2 RBIs and 2 RBIs, and Jonna Mendez contributed with 2 RBIs and 3 RBIs while playing exceptionally on third base.

King City Mustang pitcher Eliya Clavijo will pitch on the mound against Gonzales Spartan on June 3rd. (Shaun Ronnie / Staff)

“We played well from the beginning,” said King City head coach Lorenzo Espino. “Gonzales first scored two runs, but knew that two runs wouldn’t win the game. The boys answered and didn’t panic, we played well in batting and defense, and The run was good. Yes, it was a play-in game of a crazy year. We won the league, but there was that extra game, but that was fine. Fortunately, I We know we have won and are participating in the CCS. “

Soledard High continued to play in the Gavilan division in a road game between Monterey and Pacific Grove. In Monterey on June 2, the Aztecs gave up two Leitlans, losing to Toledor 2-0 and defeating the breaker 3-2 on June 3.

The Aztecs and Toledor were drawn 0-0 for the sixth time when Monterey’s two-run double ensured the home team’s victory. Outstanding players in Soledad’s games were Eric Segura and Fabian Cabrera.

Damian Ryan, Head Coach of Soledad, said: “We need to go back to the basics and make a plan.”

The next day, Soledad defeated the Breakers and bounced off. In that game, the left fielder made a catch that saves the game. This was Aztec’s best play of the year.

“Andrew Nichols is a starting pitcher and is said to have won,” Ryan said. “Jordan Reyes ran in a clutch single in the fourth inning and Alex Tinajero threw three innings to save. It was a really big day for the young players to come. Alex Tinajero came to help with the stretch JV I’m a player. I know he has really good skills and I don’t know how much I can use them. Now that the JV season is over, he’s been able to contribute to the national team I’m really proud. “

For PG, Jorge Oliver Barrier caught the game with his left fielder. According to Ryan, it was Aztec’s best play of the year.

Gonzales Spartan pitcher Adriana Zavala throws one more batter when his team plays against the King City Mustang on June 3. (Shaun Ronnie / Staff)

Gonzales High defeated North Monterey County Condor 4-3 in Castroville last Tuesday to win the match against King City.

Nate Dixon hit eight batters on the mound, gave up two hits, and won the complete game. Jason Flores was an aggressive prominent figure as he hit a double to win the seventh top. Gabemendes hit a single to score a run, and Jacob Valdes knocked on the pair’s run in the fourth inning.

Greenfield High School finished the season after losing to host Gilroy Mustangs in a 7-0 play-in game. Manuel Gutierrez hit three for Bruins and gave up five hits. Gutierrez and Alejandro recorded the only greenfield hit in the contest.

Baseball | Aztecs and Mustangs head to CCS playoffs | Salinas Valley Tribune Source link Baseball | Aztecs and Mustangs head to CCS playoffs | Salinas Valley Tribune

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