Banning artificial stone could prevent 100 lung cancers and 1,000 cases of silicosis, where dust scars the lungs

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Silk dust is fine dust that is produced when materials such as bricks, cement and pavers are cut. Artificial stone, which is used especially for the kitchen bench, is the source of special silk dust.

Inhalation of this dust into the lungs can cause serious long-term damage. This can lead to difficulty breathing, silicosis and pneumonia.

In us recently published reportWe estimate that without taking action, Australian workers will develop more than 10,000 lung cancers in the future and nearly 104,000 of silicosis during their lifetime due to their appearance. silica kura. This accounts for almost 1 per cent of all future lung cancers in the adult Australian population.

Obviously, preventing artificial stones will reduce the appearance of silica and can prevent 100 lung cancers and nearly 1,000 silicosis infections during the lifetime of these workers.

Re-emergence of old disease

Silk dust is a major hazard in the Australian workplace. Around 7% of Australian workers They are in danger of breathing in it. Appearance is common among miners as well construction workers.

In the last 60 years, silicosis has been rare in Australia. Due to the increasing use of artificial stone, we are now seeing a resurgence of this deadly disease.

In connection with the recurrence of silicosis, the Australian Government has established another staff to improve the health and safety of those working with silk dust. His latest report, from June 2021, suggests further research on how best to protect temporary rock workers.

This is currently underway, with Safe Work Australia issuing a notification of the impact of the process to advice. This information looks at several options to reduce exposure to silica and the cost of these over the next decade.

Safe Work Australia has completed these steps will need to save only five people a year from silicosis for these options to be effective.

While this is a good start, there is a lot of potential. Prohibition of artificial stone is one of the recommendations recommended by the staff but currently not supported by the government same to you Safe Work Australia is not considered.

Assess harm

To assess the harm caused by silica dust in the workplace, we used them another way which calculates the number of additional diseases that will occur in workers exposed to silk dust in one year — in this case, 2016.

We used past experiences exposed and recent reports from New South Wales same to you Victoria to estimate the number of workers exposed to silk dust across the country.

We then designed how many of the lung diseases and silicosis would occur in the lives of these workers.

We then looked at ways to reduce silk dust contamination, including wet cutting, reducing workers ’access to dusty areas, the use of improved high-quality equipment and ventilators, and and prevent artificial rock.

While this article has not yet been published in the revised journal, some in the field have reviewed it.

Reduce harm

We found that temporary stone blockage can prevent 100 cases of lung cancer and nearly 1,000 cases of silicosis.

We also looked at some control measures that could be implemented in the interim.

Establish isolation areas near artificial stone cutting sites, using appropriate cutting tools, wet the artificial stone during cutting, and apply dust on tools during cutting artificial stone will can prevent lung cancer and silicosis, but not much. complete ban.

Unfortunately, preventing silk dust in some industries such as mining is not possible. However, exposure can be reduced. Stopping workers from entering areas close to crushing at mining sites will prevent 750 lung cancers and nearly 7,500 cases of silicosis.

If we are able to reduce the exposure in the mining industry to what the general population has achieved, we could save more than 2,300 lung cancers and more than 20,000 silicosis cases.

Reducing silk dust will save lives

In general, ensuring compliance with engineering and respiratory regulations may prevent more than 400 employees from contracting two serious diseases.

These cases can only be denied if there is 100% consent. control measures. This level is acceptable higher than what we currently see in the Australian workplace.

IN licensing system for a temporary stone business like the one being conducted in Victoria may be a way to improve compliance, but the impact of this will still be seen.

However, if we prevent temporary rock formation, we can save up to 700 young workers from contracting these diseases. If we try to get rid of it silk the appearance of dust in some industries, we can prevent infection.

Clearly, more work is needed to protect our staff from these lung diseases that can eventually be prevented.

10,000 Aussie workers are preparing for lung cancer from silk dust, the study found


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Banning artificial stone could prevent 100 lung cancers and 1,000 cases of silicosis, where dust scars the lungs Source link Banning artificial stone could prevent 100 lung cancers and 1,000 cases of silicosis, where dust scars the lungs

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