Bakersfield community gather to welcome the holiday season

Bakersfield, CA (KERO) —The City of Bakersfield hosted the 5th Christmas Tree Lighting Event tonight. Bakersfield City Council members were attended by residents to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season. As you drive on Truxtun Avenue, you can’t miss the shining trees in front of the Mechanics Bank Arena. It’s a city way to welcome holidays.

“Merry Christmas Bakersfield, I’m very happy to be back, Merry Christmas Bakersfield,” said Mr. and Mrs. Klaus.

Thanking you for attending the celebration, Mr. and Mrs. Klaus say they are fortunate to be able to spread the cheers of Christmas.

“It’s about Christmas, it’s about Jesus, yes,” Klaus said.

They fulfill those Christmas wishes.

“He asked Santa if he would come to make sure Santa was giving a present this year, but they have nothing to stop him,” said Diana Stillwell, who lives in Bakersfield. I said. ”

Bakersfield resident Hector Figueroa said he was grateful for the feeling of normality given last year’s restrictions.

“We had a pretty crazy year at COVID-19, and it keeps getting worse, but so we just wanted to get out and do something,” Figueroa said. ..

Mayor Karen Goh was honored to light the tree so that everyone could see it.

“Christmas tree lighting begins the Christmas season in Bakersfield, CA. It’s great to see boys and girls, moms and dads wearing Christmas Santa hats and having a good time. “Mayor Go said.

Wooden lighting is a city tradition that connects citizens. Mr. and Mrs. Klaus say they are proud to be away for the past five years.

“Since Jackie Sullivan started this, we have been Santa with wood lighting,” said Mr. and Mrs. Klaus.

“Merry Christmas Bakersfield has a great holiday season,” said Mayor Go.

City officials say the trees will be lit up outside the Mechanics Bank Arena, at least until Christmas.

Bakersfield community gather to welcome the holiday season Source link Bakersfield community gather to welcome the holiday season

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