Bad news: Gasoline prices soar over $5 per gallon | News

The average price of gasoline has risen above $ 5 a gallon for the first time in San Bernardino County, and several other regions of the state have experienced the same pain at the pump.

According to the AAA, the average price in San Bernardino County jumped 12 cents a day and reached $ 5.04 per gallon of regular gas on March 4th. The price was $ 4.77 a week ago and $ 4.67 a month ago.

Prices have been rising for several months, but have been exacerbated by the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which has put pressure on oil markets around the world.

California cities typically feel extra pressure on the pump as prices rise, as the state taxes gasoline at 51.1 cents per gallon, the highest of any state gas tax in the country, according to GasBuddy.

“San Francisco has just made history as the first U.S. city to reach an average of $ 5 a barrel of gas,” Patrick De Haan, head of oil analysis, told GasBuddy in a March 3 press release. “And unfortunately, this record is likely just the beginning of a larger trend of price increases coming to California and across the country.”

In Fontana, the cheapest fuel price is $ 4.39 a gallon at an ARCO station on 10087 Sierra Avenue as of March 4, according to GasBuddy. In addition, Circle K (14906 Valley Boulevard), One Stop Market (14518 Valley Boulevard) and Chevron (10510 Sierra Avenue) were selling gas at $ 4.49 that day.

Bad news: Gasoline prices soar over $5 per gallon | News Source link Bad news: Gasoline prices soar over $5 per gallon | News

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