Baby names 2022: Boys and Girls names set to be popular this year

Traditional baby names may be on borrowed time, as the most popular baby names for 2022 have been revealed.

Most popular baby names for this year have been published – with parents set to abandon traditional nicknames.

Research from Baby Center shows that parents are willing to give up well-known nicknames, as less traditional names have hit the lists of the best this year.

Here are the names that are expected to become big in 2022.

Best names for girls for 2022

The name at the top of the list is Hazel, a new entry in the list of the 100 best for 2021 and gaining popularity.

Hazel is followed by another unconventional name Olive and another name that has become a new entry in the list of the top 100 for 2021.

The more traditional name of the girl Iris took third place, which regained its place in the list of the 100 best in 2021 and is expected to gain more popularity during the year.

In fourth place is Nelly, meaning horn, sunlight or radiant light, but a name that can also be a nickname for Helen, Ellen, Petronella, Daniela, Cornelia, Eleanor, Janelle, Chanel, Penelope or Noelie.

Another traditional name of Elizabeth took fifth place, perhaps because this year the Queen will celebrate her 70th birthday on the throne.

The best names of girls for 2022. (Canvas)

Other royal names such as Betty, Eliza, Elsbeth and perhaps even some Lillibet may be on the list next year.

Sixth place is Mirabelle, which means marvelous or marvelous beauty and was used for both sexes in the Middle Ages. Mirabelle is also the name of the main character in the new Disney movie “Encant”.

Penny, meaning weaver, is the seventh most popular name for girls and may be a nickname for Penelope, meaning duck.

Tilly, ranked eighth and is traditionally used as Matilda’s nickname. Tili means fighting force. Tilly Ramsey has also appeared in recent years Strictly Come Dancing.

The ninth place among the names for girls is Nova, which means new in Latin.

Billy is the tenth most popular name of the girl, possibly referring to Billy Ailish, who in 2022 will head the Glastonberry and Coachella festivals.

Best names for boys for 2022

Irvine Times: Best Boys Names for 2022. (Canvas)The best names of boys for 2022. (Canvas)

The first place in the list of names of the boy is occupied by Albi, another name which, according to forecasts, will gain even more popularity within a year.

Reggie, another unconventional name, took second place and is expected to gain popularity within a year.

In third place is the unisex name Frankie, which is projected to remain at the top.

Edwin, a rich and happy name meaning friend, is in fourth place, and Marcus is in fifth. The name Marcus, which is gaining popularity, may be associated with Marcus Rashford, a Manchester United footballer who has brought positive social change to schoolchildren.

Football-related names are gaining momentum: Connor in sixth place and Aaron in seventh place among popular children’s names. This may apply to Chelsea midfielder Conor Gallagher and Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Rumsdale.

Oakley, a natural name meaning oak field, is a forest and obviously ranked eighth.

Felix, which means happy or lucky, was in ninth place. Felix is ​​also a name in the Bible who was the Roman governor of Judea.

The popular Welsh name Evan, which means Lord of Mercy, took last place in the top ten names.

Dear Evan Hansen – this is also a musical, the popularity of which has grown since the release of the film in 2021.

Baby names 2022: Boys and Girls names set to be popular this year Source link Baby names 2022: Boys and Girls names set to be popular this year

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