Autopsy results for missing Pleasanton runner Philip Kreycik show no foul play involved, authorities say

Pleasanton, Calif. (KGO)-Authorities announced on Tuesday the autopsy results of missing hiker Philip Kreichk, whose body was found.

According to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, there are no foul play, no physical trauma, or signs of trauma. The sheriff’s office is waiting for toxicology results, but states that the cause of death is unlikely to be identified due to degradation.

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An ultramarathon family, believed to have died 200 yards from the Pleasanton trail, spoke publicly for the first time at a press conference on Thursday.

Philip Kreichk’s wife and parents showed their strength, love and emotion when they gathered to thank the community for supporting them during the three-week search for Philip.

Philip’s wife, Jen Yao, said, “I have no words to really describe how difficult this is and how grateful I am for everyone’s help. I really don’t know what will happen in the next moment, so hug my family.” Said.

Kreycik’s parents and wife later sat down in a one-on-one interview with ABC7 News reporter Leslie Brinkley to share their personal distress.

“It’s very easy that something goes wrong. It wasn’t too dangerous when he first went out. It got warmer in the afternoon. But one wrong instance took him the wrong way. I went, “said Kreycik’s parents, Keith and Marcia.

What looks like a Clay Chicks body wearing running gear was found on August 3 with a dense brush on the ridge.

They explained that he was found the moment he received the call on Tuesday.

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“It broke us, but we had each other. It really thanked those who stuck with us even though they didn’t have much hope,” Marcia said.

Kreycik’s wife, Jen Yao, talked about a biometric watch on her husband’s wrist.

“I think it gives us more insight into where he was and what happened. I want to know, but I’m afraid to know,” Yao said.

Kreycik and his wife Jen live in Berkeley, but the Pleasanton community gathered around them and relentlessly searched for the Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park where he went for a run three weeks ago-police. He said there was nothing more they could do, even after they stopped seeing.

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Philip’s mother, Marcia Kleichik, said, “I am especially grateful to the people who supported us here. I am a new friend I love. I love the people I met here.”

Philippe Kreichik is 11 months old and 3 years old.

“Of course, our focus is always on children, to make this as child-friendly as possible,” Yao said.

She hasn’t told her three-year-old father what happened yet, but promised, “We’ll talk to them, show them pictures, and they’ll grow up knowing what their father is.” did.

Kreycik has not yet decided whether to set up a public monument. They are still waiting for autopsy results.

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Autopsy results for missing Pleasanton runner Philip Kreycik show no foul play involved, authorities say Source link Autopsy results for missing Pleasanton runner Philip Kreycik show no foul play involved, authorities say

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