Austria tightens vaccination rules as Covid cases double in five days

Austria is required to be fully vaccinated for access to restaurants, bars and entertainment spaces as the government struggles to contain the proliferation of Covid-19 cases.

According to the government, full vaccination status will also expire 9 months after the second vaccination instead of 12 unless extended by a booster vaccination.

A rule that also recognizes people who have recovered from a proven coronavirus infection will come into effect on Monday.

Previously, admission to hospitality facilities was possible using an EU Green Pass certificate. This may include evidence of negative recent PCR tests.

“None of us have a crystal ball … but if we want to prevent another blockade, we have to act now,” he said.

Consumer services with close personal contact, such as hairdressing and cosmetology treatments, and organized gatherings of 25 or more people require complete vaccination or evidence of recovery.

The number of new daily infections in Austria has doubled in just five days. On Monday, 4523 new infections were reported in the country, and on Friday, 9388 cases were reported.

The rapidly increasing number of cases is expected to imminently exceed the record high number of daily infections in Austria in mid-November last year, 9,586. The government responded It is one of the toughest and longest-lasting blockades in Europe.

Deaths have also increased in recent weeks. Although less alarming than the previous wave, Austria’s relatively low immunization rates raise concerns among public health officials.

On Thursday, Lower Austrian health officials announced that they would cancel all non-urgent surgery due to lack of beds.

One in three Austrians has not yet received the first dose of the vaccine.

Skepticism is relatively high in the country. Earlier this year, MFG, a new political party for Vaccine Septics, Won 6.4% of the votes, Won a seat in one of the country’s most important local elections. Subsequent polls have shown that MFG results are reproduced nationwide.

Immunization rates in Austria have declined significantly since the summer. According to a seven-day average for the last week of October, only 12,000 vaccinations were given per day, compared to more than 90,000 highs in June.

In response to Friday’s new vaccine requirements, Austrian populist right-wing Liberal Party leader Herbert Kickle called the measure “Corona Retribution” and blamed the conservative-led Austrian government’s record during the pandemic.

“I can’t explain why a fresh corona test should be worse than the vaccination given a few months ago,” he said. “This clearly shows that there is only one goal for the government …. Drive people towards the needle, without ifs or buts.”

Austria tightens vaccination rules as Covid cases double in five days Source link Austria tightens vaccination rules as Covid cases double in five days

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