Australia to give fourth COVID-19 jab to over 65s

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Australia is offering a fourth batch of COVID-19 vaccine for over 65s from next month, federal health authorities announced on Friday, as the newest Omicron strain spread by population.

The main consensus group on vaccines has approved a fourth shot for weak groups: over 65, citizens of the country over 50, people who are not immune and are caring for local residents.

In the last six weeks, other countries, including France, Germany and Sweden as well health authorities in England, they recommend a fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine for the weak, including the elderly.

Australia has been reporting more than 50,000 daily infections in the last few days — almost twice as much as last month — partly due to increased variability in BA.2 Omicron infection and disease.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said the increase would be made from April 4 – almost two months before the start of the Australian winter – for people who had received a third dose at least four months ago.

“The enhancer is your best protection against the most severe COVID effects and can provide protection from long COVID,” Hunt said.

The health minister also said people arriving in Australia would no longer be able to get tested for COVID-19 in the future when the emergency COVID-19 ban expires on April 17.

Passengers will, however, still need to be vaccinated, and put a mask on the planes.

Protection is declining

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization, ATAGI, says Pfizer and Moderna are the favorites for further shooting.

But there is still “insufficient evidence“Among the benefits of the fourth quarter to other groups in the population, the statement said.

Raina MacIntyre, president of the conservation program at Kirby Center at the University of NSW, welcomed the news of the fourth jab but said she would prefer to have a bone marrow transplant for anyone over 50.

“Protection from three doses has dropped dramatically after a few months, with even more serious side effects like hospitalization and death,” she said.

“In 50 years, the immune system has begun to decline in a process called immunosenescence, and is declining sharply and can be predicted from the future, ”she said.

“This has been well studied for other diseases, and COVID-19 seems to follow a similar pattern.”

MacIntyre encouraged Australia to get a third and, for those eligible, a fourth dose.

“This is not a cold or flu. There is now strong evidence of long-term side effects including brain damage, heart diseaselung disease and diabetes in the number of survivors, even in people with a low risk of infection, ”she said.

Australia reports 3.93 million COVID-19 outbreaks since the outbreak, with 5,824 deaths

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