Australia offers fourth COVID shot to over-30s

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Australia will offer a fourth-generation COVID-19 vaccine to anyone over the age of 30, health authorities said on Thursday, as hospitals are overcrowded with patients in winter-prone conditions.

The government says it is recommending a fourth jab over the 50s – but it is also offering it to anyone over 30 despite the benefits for the younger age unknown.

This follows a recommendation by the National Immunization Commission, which it said it understood youth may like winter calories, although its effect on them “is uncertain but may be limited”.

Australia previously recommended only fourth-generation COVID shots for people over 65 and even weak groupsincluding those with weakened immune systems.

As the newest, most affected Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5 race by population, Australian population hospital patients with COVID jumped over 1,000 in one month to nearly 3,900, while 140 people are now enrolled. intensive care.

“This is putting a lot of pressure on our health systems and hospitals,” Health Minister Mark Butler told a news conference while announcing the decision.

More than 95 per cent of people over the age of 16 have a full range of immunizations in Australia, where very few people now wear face masks or take precautionary measures.

As restrictions are gradually being lifted in a country that previously closed its national and international borders for nearly 20 months to isolate the virus, Australia this week rejected all requests for vaccination certificates for foreign nationals.

Australia to supply fourth-generation COVID-19 jab to over 65s

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