Attorney and pilot Michael Curran recaps what led the City of San Diego cutting down palm trees –

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – As you know, homeowners and residents of San Diego’s Ocean Beach & Point Loma area continue their efforts to save the iconic palm trees that surround their street.

The city of San Diego has already cut down five of the iconic palm trees, claiming that the FAA says they are too tall and interferes with ground radars from incoming planes.

KUSI spoke to nearby residents and experienced pilots, who do not all buy this excuse.

Attorney Michael Curran, an aviation pilot himself, explained on Wednesday at KUSI Good Morning San Diegothat there is no risk to aviation safety arising from these 100-year-old palm trees.

Former Navy pilot Brian ‘Sunshine’ Sinclair reiterated this stance, adding that the FAA had presented other options in San Diego that could be pursued, but decided to cut down the five trees.

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria declined to speak to KUSI News about the issue, despite numerous requests.

This decision of the city of San Diego has made the people of San Diego believe that it is another motive that the city keeps secret. Homeowners Advocate Counters Any Further Removal Of These PalmsMarc Applebaum believes that the FAA had nothing to do with the removal of the iconic palm trees.

Applebaum specifically named Mayor Todd Gloria, City Attorney Mara Elliott and Forester Brian Wagner as responsible for the controversial decision.

On Friday, lawyer and pilot Michael Curran teamed up with KUSI’s Jason Austell in Good Morning San Diego to summarize what happened and what the future holds for their favorite palm trees in Ocean Beach.

Curran’s Executive Summary;

1. San Diego officials claim that the FAA has asked them to remove trees. The FAA refuses and has only done a preliminary study.
2. The trees are not mentioned in any FAA, map, NOTAM map as an obstacle that endangers flight safety.
3. If the FAA considered that there was an immediate threat to flight safety, the FAA could issue temporary “TFR” flight restrictions in the area or take emergency measures.
4. Slope airport and localizer radios project dual-format signals circulating around buildings and trees, unaffected by these trees.
5. Formed, strong ILS radio signals are not affected by palms, especially palms located just below the emission slope and very south of the target radio emitting areas.
6. The trees are located approximately ½ south of the extended runway, the aircraft would not be on it unless of course.
7. The top of the trees is several hundred feet below where the aircraft would be either on RWY 27 or RWY 09.
8. It is unknown why CITY SD wants to remove trees, but they do not pose a risk to flight safety

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Attorney and pilot Michael Curran recaps what led the City of San Diego cutting down palm trees – Source link Attorney and pilot Michael Curran recaps what led the City of San Diego cutting down palm trees –

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