Astroworld Festival tragedy: Timeline shows that concert turned deadly within minutes

Houston, Texas-Approximately 40 minutes after the Houston police declared they were responding to a “massive casualty” at the Astroworld Festival at NRG Park on Friday night, rapper Travis Scott performed. I continued.

Many now want to know why the show didn’t stop and how much the promoter knew when the event became deadly.

NS Houston Chronicle We resolved the confusion that occurred and focused on a 37-minute window between first responders noticing and reporting dangers and the final end of Scott’s set.

According to Chronicle Harris County reporter Zack Despert, who spoke with Tom Abrahams of ABC13, HPD said Live Nation agreed to shorten the show, but what happened to the promoter after the conversation? Is unknown.

“As I said, the concert lasted another 37 minutes. Travis came here and played the entire setlist. His set was about the same length as Astroworld in 2019, so I don’t know if the promoter followed. If there was any misunderstanding with the police, I kept the pledge, but after a considerable period of time, the concert did not end. “

Despart explains that the 37-minute time frame was important. This meant that as the show progressed, first responders were unable to properly contact people in need of transportation and medical treatment.

However, it seems that there were signs of trouble before Scott went on stage.

Before the show:

A stampede exploded from the gate of the festival venue around 2 pm on Friday. VIP security checkpoints were destroyed when people trampled on each other and passed by.

The video showed some people helping some others. Houston Fire Chief Sam Penha told CNN that he didn’t know what was in a hurry.

“I know people jumped over the fence,” Penha said. At least one person was injured in the afternoon rush.

CNN asked Penha if the case led to special precautions at this year’s event. “If so, it’s clear that it wasn’t enough,” Penha replied.

According to a report from The New York Times, Houston police chief Troy Finaler visited Scott, who also hosted the event, and expressed “concerns about the energy of the crowd.”

CNN has contacted Houston police and Scott’s representative for comment on the New York Times report.

Before 9 pm CST:

Madeline Eskins, an ICU nurse who attended the show, told CNN Christi Paul that the countdown timer had started about 30 minutes before Scott appeared on stage.

“And suddenly people were compressing each other and pushing back and forth. As the timer approached zero, it was just-it got worse,” Eskins said.

Concert attendee Jeffrey Schmidt said breathing became difficult as the countdown approached zero and he and his friends decided to get out of the crowd.

“We knew little, all the hell was about to be released. People started fainting and falling to the ground,” Schmidt told CNN.

Immediately after 9 pm

Scott took the stage to start his set. According to one concert participant, the crowd rushed forward when the show began.

“The crowd got tighter and harder at that point. When Travis came out playing his first song, I witnessed people fainting next to me.” TK Teres said.

Sarai Sierra, who went to the festival to celebrate her birthday, said she saw several people who couldn’t breathe after Scott appeared on stage.

“I really thought it was over when I fell. I was pushed away for at least 15 minutes, either because of the mosh pits or simply because people were’furious’,” Sierra said.

9:30 pm

According to Penha, officials first received reports of injured people in the crowd and said they “requested additional resources from the scene.”

“Our people stepped up and immediately went to the producer and said,’Hey, people are down,'” Finaler said at a press conference on Saturday.

9:38 pm

“Massive casualties” have been officially declared, Penha said.

“From the declaration of the mass casualties to the first unit on the scene, we started contacting the patient in two minutes,” he said.

Witnesses are asking for help, but say they can’t hear it in music.

“Travis Scott had a short time between songs and screamed in his vocal cords so that someone could hear us, but no one could hear it,” Teres said. “This year’s festival will forever bother me. I’ve never seen anyone die in front of me. It was horrifying.”

Scott told fans in an Instagram video Saturday night that he was “ravaged” about what happened and about the seriousness of what was happening in the crowd as he continued his set. Claim you didn’t know.

“Whenever I can understand, you know what’s going on, I just stopped my show and helped you know, get the help they need.” Scott says in the video.

Video from the concert’s live stream also showed that Scott paused his performance and was clearly confused when the ambulance was pulled into the crowd before the concert was over.

Concert attendees Nick Johnson and Angel Rodriguez said CNN Scott stopped the show at least three times to seek help in the crowd.

When asked why the show wasn’t canceled immediately, Finner cites the possibility of a riot “when you have a young group” in a crowd of about 50,000.

“There was talk between promoters, fire departments, police stations and NRG staff,” Finner said of the cancellation of the event.

Around 10:10 pm

According to Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, the performance has been canceled and the event has ended. One concert attendee told CNN’s Rosa Flores that he looked at the clock at the end of the concert and said, “10:13 pm or 10:14 pm.”

Attendees also told Chronicles that Scott played the full set and the show didn’t end until 10:15 pm.

According to Despart, no warning about the dangers at the festival was announced on the PA system or video board.

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Astroworld Festival tragedy: Timeline shows that concert turned deadly within minutes Source link Astroworld Festival tragedy: Timeline shows that concert turned deadly within minutes

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