Astros go for 4-game sweep against Angels

The Houston Astros left the pack last month.

They try to widen the gap further when they go to Anaheim, California for a four-game sweep against the Los Angeles Angels on Thursday night.

The Astros (91-61) took the lead in 2 1/2 games at AL West’s Oakland Athletics about a month ago and are now eight games ahead of the Seattle Mariners on Thursday.

The number of Houston magics that concludes the division is three.

The Astros regained their trademark resilience on Wednesday night, hitting a three-run lead in the seventh, scoring in the eighth, and backing the wall twice with additional innings before winning 9-5 in the twelfth. I turned to.

The Astros plans to exclude outfielder Yordan Alvarez from the lineup at the Series Finale.

Alvarez hit three hits this season, including 32 home runs, and hit three home runs on Wednesday night, but was sent off shortly after jogging to the left fielder in the eighth inning.

Houston manager Dusty Baker said Alvarez was in pain, but didn’t elaborate.

“I was trying to protect him,” Baker said. “He hurt. We couldn’t seize the opportunity. We had to protect him. We can’t lose him.”

Meanwhile, Angels has lost eight games in a row in Anaheim and has lost the longest home in the same season since 1994.

The Angels plan to send veteran right-handed Alex Cobb to the mound to stop the skid and save the series victory.

Cobb (8-3, 3.59 ERA) threw five shutout innings on his return from the injured list at the Chicago White Sox on September 16. He allowed two hits, hit five and walked twice after missing the previous five weeks due to inflammation of his right wrist.

“That really exceeded expectations,” said Angels manager Joe Maddon. “It’s great to see and build, both for us and for him.”

Cobb struggled against the Astros in Houston on April 22nd. He allowed 5 runs (4 goals) and 6 hits in 22/3 innings with an 8-2 defeat.

Cobb has made four career starts for the entire Astros, 1-3 and ERA is 8.50.

Cobb has been a free agent since this season, auditioning for potential starting points somewhere in the league.

“We get paid for going out and competing, and that’s what we love,” Cobb said. “We love being in that mode out there, fighting everyone and trying to win the ball game.”

The Astros will launch the veteran right-handed Lance McCullers Jr.

McColors (12-4, 3.11) have already won their best career wins, 2-0 in three starts this month and 2.50 in ERA.

He recently allowed Arizona Diamondbacks 3 runs (2 wins) in 6 innings with a 6-4 defeat in 10 innings on Saturday.

He defeated the Angels on September 12 and allowed one run and three hits in six innings with a three-on-one victory.

He is 5-4 in 17 careers and will face Angels in 2.92 ERA.

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Astros go for 4-game sweep against Angels Source link Astros go for 4-game sweep against Angels

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