Assistant director who handed Baldwin gun had been fired from previous job after firearm mishap

In 2019, the assistant director of the film, which Santa Fe, NM-Alec Baldwin was making when he shot the cinematographer deadly, fired a set and slightly injured members of the film’s crew. The producer, who was fired from his previous job, said on Monday.

Disclosures were revealed when Baldwin’s film producer officially stopped filming, and court records showed that investigators seized more than 20 items from the set the day after filming.

In an email statement to the Associated Press, the producer of the movie “Freedom’s Pass” was fired from production in 2019 after the crew was slightly injured “when the gun was unexpectedly released.” I confirmed that it was done.

The producer, who asked not to be identified by name, wrote that Hall was “immediately removed from the set.” Production did not resume until the halls were gone.

His firing from the “Road of Freedom” was first reported by CNN. Halls does not return phone or email messages asking for comment.

The producer is the second person to question the hall’s safety record. On Sunday, another crew member who worked with Hall said she expressed concern about him in 2019.

Props maker and fireworks technician Maggie Gol said in a statement that he had filed an internal complaint with Hulu’s executive producer of the “Into the Dark” series about Hall’s actions. rice field.

In a telephone interview, Gol said Halls ignored the weapons and fireworks safety protocol and tried to continue shooting after the diabetic director fireworks engineer lost consciousness on the set.

Deadly shootings and previous experience point to greater safety issues, Gol said, crew safety between unions representing film and television workers and major producer groups. He added that it was the biggest problem in recent contract negotiations.

“This situation isn’t about Dave Hall … it’s not the fault of one person,” she said. “It’s a bigger conversation about safety on the set and what we’re trying to achieve in that culture.”

In an email sent to Rust crew members over the weekend, the film production team confirmed that work in the West had been suspended, at least until the investigation was completed. The team said it is working with law enforcement agencies to conduct its own internal safety review. The production company also offers grief counseling.

The email suggested that work on the film could someday be resumed.

“Our heart is broken and it’s hard to see beyond the horizon, but at this point it’s a pause, not an end,” the email read.

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Security officer investigations continued on Monday, with new court documents showing authorities three black revolvers, ammunition boxes, funny packs of ammunition, some used casings, and two leather gun belts with holsters. He showed that he had seized clothing and a cotton swab of what appeared to be blood. ..

There is no charge. Prosecutors and law enforcement officers were expected to provide up-to-date information on Wednesday’s investigation.

Just before the shooting, Baldwin explained how to pull the revolver out of the holster and the position of his arms, court records show.

The actor was said to be safe to use a gun to rehearse a scene where he sat in a church pew, pulled out his weapon, and pointed it at the camera.

Photographer Reed Russell told the detective that he didn’t know if the weapon was checked before being handed over to Baldwin and why the gun was fired.

Russell told authorities that the camera wasn’t spinning when the gun fired and killed cinematographer Harina Hutchins, according to a search warrant affidavit released on Sunday.

Authorities have stated that Halls has handed the weapon to Baldwin and announced a “cold gun,” indicating that it is safe.

When asked about how Baldwin handled the firearms on the set, Russell quoted the actor from the previous example where Baldwin confirmed that the child actor was not near him when the gun was being fired. Said to be safe.

The affidavit released on Sunday also included a statement by director Joel Souza, who was injured standing behind Hutchins.

He explained in detail what happened before the shoot and showed that there was confusion in the set on the day of the shoot. According to Russell, some members of the camera crew stopped production due to a battle over payment and accommodation, leaving much to do. Only one camera could shoot, and I had to move it because the light was out of alignment and shadows were formed.

Soza said he is focusing on how the scene looks on the camera. According to the affidavit, he remembered hearing the phrase “cold gun” before the shooting.

He said the scene did not require the use of live rounds. After the lunch break, Soza said he wasn’t sure if the firearms were checked again. According to the affidavit, Sousa was looking over Hutchins’ shoulder when she heard the gunshot.

The movie’s chief electrician, Serge Svetnoy, blamed the producer for Hutchins’ death in a moving Facebook post on Sunday. Svetnoy said he had collaborated with Hutchins in several films and blamed “negligence and non-professionalism” among those working with weapons on the set. He said the producer hired inexperienced armor.

Known for his role in “30 Rock” and “The Hunt for Red October,” and his impression of former President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” Baldwin describes the killing as a “tragic accident.”

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Assistant director who handed Baldwin gun had been fired from previous job after firearm mishap Source link Assistant director who handed Baldwin gun had been fired from previous job after firearm mishap

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