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From Dr. Janet’s “Purge Series”

{“Wipe the world with his sieving fork” Part 1}

{“Fire of Fuller” Part 2}

{“Refiner’s Fire” Part 3}

{“The Assayer” Jeremiah} Part 4

In ancient times, the Lord sent prophets to announce prophetic oracles to kings, elders, clerk, priests, and all the people. These prophetic messages were great, difficult to hear, and sometimes listeners couldn’t imagine them passing through. More than that, people often did not believe in oracles. People were so obsessed with their ungodly way that they couldn’t imagine making any changes. Their terrible destructive methods were rooted in their minds, minds and habits. However, the Prophets did not hesitate or change the message, without fear of delivery and without hesitation. The oracles from the Prophets were rooted in God’s mission, and they were written to tell only what God had told them to speak, the truth, and to be heard at that time and in the long run. Introducing Jeremiah 1-3, you can see that Jeremiah was called by the Lord. He does not easily accept the call and mainly replies that he is “just a boy.” The Lord has corrected him, whatever he thinks or doubts, Jeremiah 1: 6-8, “Wherever I send you, whatever you say, you Must do it. Don’t be afraid of those who want to scare you and threaten to give up. In essence, the Lord says, don’t be afraid. I’m with you and you Deliver. “Jeremiah is God’s messenger,” among my people are assays, towers, and fortresses, and you can try their way. ” He was sent by the Lord and said to him at Jeremiah 6: 27-30. You are supposed to test them because their actions made me reject them. (They don’t listen.) They are stubborn and rebellious. Even smelters smelt wastefully and purposelessly. And dross is not good. Izaya says it a little more clearly. “Izaya 1:25” I smelt the dross like lye and remove all the slag. I purely purge the dross — remove tin (slag). This means that there is a complete purge due to people’s disobedience. This message is immediately addressed to Jerusalem, but this message is relevant to us today. In the sermon of the temple of Jeremiah (Jeremiah 7: 1-10: 25), the Lord clearly spells it out (the process of purification), so if he can turn back to the Lord and stop worshiping the false God. I’m happy. He says that if you listen to me, I will let you live in the land. Please fix your way. What were some of the things they were doing that upset the Lord so much? — He told them: carry out justice between each other. Do not oppress strangers, orphans or widows. Do not shed the blood of an innocent person. Do not obey other gods. This is your own devastation. He says. “I do the same thing as Shiloh. He drives them out of his presence, as I was Efraim. At Jeremiah 7:17, he says you are making a cake for the Queen of Heaven. Saying. The kids collect the sticks and the father sets the fire. The kids were sacrificed in the fire. And they set their horrifying deeds in the house called by his name! How bad is it? Surprisingly, the Lord warned and gave another opportunity to fix their path, but God no longer tolerated their wickedness and their souls went to hell. Not wanting to go, he must show his hand as a beloved God. Through these sacrifices, they filled his house built for his name with innocent blood. He tells Jeremiah to “break the jug” in their presence (Jeremiah 19:10). This means their ultimate ruin. Listen to my friends, acquaintances, and all those who have the courage to change things better. It’s time to look back. Things change suddenly because things can change very dramatically, very suddenly, and very catastrophically. Some people say, “What should I do?” Remember that the Lord is really responsible. He allowed these horrific things to come to us: illness, murder, hatred of each other, helpless babies, sacrificing the lives of old people, refusing to educate children and serving God. You can think, “How do I serve other gods?” When we put something on Almighty God, it opposes God, who makes us all responsible for our own actions. thank you for reading. Janet Gratin Parker is the founder-director of today’s Fresh Start Charter School: 4514 Crenshaw BL, LA 90043 323-293-9826 www.todaysfreshstart.org

Dr. Janet’s article is copyrighted. all rights reserved. Ask what you want to know in your heart. “© Dr. Ask Jeanette (TM) www.Ask Dr.Jeanetteparker.com. [email protected] References: Jewish Study Bible, “My Notes”, “Bible, Encyclopedia of Theological Ecclesiology”, “Interpretation of Prophecy”

Ask Dr. Jeanette™ Success On “The Way” “The Assayer” – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Ask Dr. Jeanette™ Success On “The Way” “The Assayer” – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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