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Ask Dr. Janet for Success on the Way, The Spirit of Adulterous Idolatry

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Just by reading this title, one can easily suspect that he has a strong topic. You can give it whatever grade you want, such as an “X” or another. Reading our Bible, we can learn that Almighty God shows a connection between adultery and idolatry. Let’s look specifically at Isaiah 57: 3-15.

3But come near here, you sons of the sorceress, the seed of the adulterer and the harlot. 4Who are you playing against (talk about flattery and bragging)? Against whom do you open your mouth wide and pull out your tongue? Aren’t you children of crime, (aren’t you children you transgress) a seed of lies? Your origin is from lies and the father of lies.

5To set fire to idols under every green tree, to kill children in the valleys under the rocks? (Child sacrifice was a ritual practice) 6Among the smooth stones of the stream is your share; they, they are your lot: even to them you have poured out a drink, you have offered a bread offering. Should I receive comfort in them? (Lord is angry that they offer to idols and do not honor Him)

7You set up your bed on a high mountain: (sexual nuances are in these verses to tell how the Lord sees their behavior as adultery and idolatry) you even went there and went there to offer a sacrifice.

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8Behind the Doors (you did secretly, thinking I wouldn’t know) also the posts you set for your memory: (so you can remember) because you discovered yourself (open your (nakedness and loyalty) to someone other than me and ye have exalted your bed, and hast enlarged your bed.

9And you went to the king (the pagan idolaters also had kings) with ointment, and increased your fragrances, and sent your messengers far away, and humbled yourself even to hell (the underworld, the underworld). You loved these gods so much that you sold yourself for handmade idols created by your own imagination, at the expense of even going to hell!

Here is the message, dear readers. Many people have allowed themselves to be deceived by the devil (and his agents), the great deceiver. The masses have been deceived by the highest and lowest – kings, great professions and whoever – bad decisions threaten people, but they will not escape; but it can be forgiven, but not go unnoticed.

The Bible clearly explains the dangerous result of doing “hell”. I am deeply concerned. I have not heard anyone tell young women and young men to abstain. This is extremely worrying.

Use the scriptures to tell everyone you know who needs to hear about the dangers they face and the common deception that is spreading. “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost, be with you all.”

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