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Ask Dr. Janet ”™ Success of The Way Deadly Weapon # 1,000,000,000,000,000,000

Dr. Janet Parker (photo)

Since a trillion can be an indefinite number, and we can’t even count how many lies are told in a complicated way, I guess that’s the number. Admittedly, obviously, I don’t know.

The picture is that “tongues” swing harmlessly and innumerable. Of course, not everyone tells the truth. And sometimes there are many people who tell the truth.

One of the many problems with “language” is that once it starts, you don’t know which way to go and who will be attacked. Job said something quite impressive about the tongue, lips, and speech in Job 27: 3,4: “As long as the breath remains in [my mouth]and in my nostrils is the breath of Eloah (GOD), these lips of mine will not speak perverseness, my tongue will never speak falsely. ”

Job had a painful, painful, and devastating period in his life. God had a meeting in His heavenly counsel. Satan attended this meeting and asked God for permission to attack Job with painful wounds and attacks on his family and material goods. Job remained faithful through all this.

Tongue and words spoken by the tongue through the lips too often turn the tongue into a deadly weapon. What does James 3 say in the Bible about language? He said language was a powerful force that could provoke wars.

James compared the bits in the horse’s mouth to the helm of the helmsman. This is the rudder in the ship, with which the helmsman directs the ship. The rudder is a small but ruling part of the ship.

The bit in the horse’s mouth is a small part of the whole mechanism – also the bit and the handlebars. So it’s the same with language, which can control the whole body if you don’t control it.

Here is the problem – the language cannot be tamed! Language can cause war. This is a world of lawlessness and disobedience. This is a fire!

Beasts, birds and other animal creatures can be domesticated. Not so with language. It blesses God and turns to the right and curses man, completely ignoring the fact that man was created in God’s image.

It spits out sweet words and in an instant spits out bitter words. This is a deadly weapon. It can kill and come to life. It can bring joy, happiness and bitter sadness.

A friend or relative, mother or father can say negative words and stop the young person’s growth and stifle that person’s trust. People never forget the destructive, bitter, contemptuous words spoken to them.

Please be very careful what we say. It can bring sadness for a lifetime. Every time the negative of the past is spoken, one returns to these words and they come to life again and again. Only the Holy Spirit can erase memories and help you be freed from those memories.

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