Asian American organizations in Bay Area demand action against violence

Oakland, CA (KRON) – Members of the Bay Area Asian-American organization have banned together after a series of attacks to seek an end to community-targeted violence.

Organizers are asking city leaders to keep their communities safe.

“We are an Asian-American organization in San Francisco and Auckland, and we are here to demand action, in the pain and fear of our community following the recent violence,” said the Chinese. Cynthia Choi, who takes positive action, said.

Actions from city leaders to stop the wave of violence against Asian Americans in the Bay Area.

Several Asian-American organizations held press conferences to highlight the problem and demand these solutions.

“San Francisco and Auckland need to increase their community-centric long-term investment to address current harm and causes through three things. 1. Full support services for all victims and all background services. 2. We will expand our intervention and prevention-based programs, like the San Francisco and Auckland Community Ambassador Programs, ”said Raiwau of the China Progressive Association.

According to last year’s Stop Asian American Pacific Islander Hate Report Center, there were nearly 3,000 hatred cases against communities across the country. Local here:

“There are more than 700 incidents in the Greater Gulf region,” Choi said.

The newly sworn Oakland police chief, Leronne Armstrong, says his police officers have arrested suspects allegedly involved in three crimes against Asian community members.

“Our officers hit the ground, followed up relentlessly and arrested the suspect. I promise to join the community and show myself visually,” said Prime Minister Armstrong. It was.

But what these people are looking for is something longer-term, like a foot patrol cop.

“Oakland will update its budget cycle this summer, but it is said that the budget will not be returned for the rest of the fiscal year, which is very disappointing,” said Alvina Wong of the Asia Pacific Environmental Network. Says.

Asian American organizations in Bay Area demand action against violence Source link Asian American organizations in Bay Area demand action against violence

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