Ashlee Malleo: Daughter of RHONJ Alum Jacqueline Laurita Reveals Bipolar Diagnosis

Mental stigma haunts a lot of stigma. Sometimes it’s even worse after the person is diagnosed.

Every time someone uses their platform to educate others and share their story, they bring about positive change.

The real housewives of New Jersey alum Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter Ashlee Malleo has grown a lot from her reality TV days.

Now he talks about his diagnosis of bipolar disorder and what it means to him.

Ashlee, 31, released a long subtitle on Instagram this week.

“Over time, I’ll probably talk more about this,” he preface.

“For now,” Ashlee admitted, “Instagram only allows subtitles to be that long.”

“You may not think I’ve had many difficulties in my life,” Ashlee suggested, “but I have.”

“These last two years have been particularly difficult for me,” he admitted.

“About a month ago,” Ashlee revealed, “I had a psychotic break.”

Ashlee recalled, “I found myself in a position where I was afraid of myself and my own thoughts.”

“And,” he said, “I finally decided to seek appropriate help.”

Ashlee pointed out that “I also took a short break on social media.”

“During this help-seeking process, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder II,” Ashlee announced.

“I made a personal choice to start the medication right away,” he said.

Ashlee made this choice, “because I really feel like I had tried everything else until then.”

“I think I’ve been denying this diagnosis for a very long time,” Ashlee admitted.

“However,” he replied, “I have also never been properly trained in all other aspects of bipolar disorder.”

Ashlee remarked, “I was so used to hearing that a two-way mood was used as a negative adjective to describe someone.”

“I always thought it was just about mood swings,” Ashlee admitted.

In reality, he explained, “It’s SO much more.”

“And,” Ashlee noted, “many things in my life were starting to make sense.”

“It was actually a relief to finally get an explanation for certain things,” Ashlee said.

“I’ve had the strength to learn more about it,” he said.

“And,” Ashlee then wrote, it has given the power to “take back control.”

“I’m not ashamed of my diagnosis,” Ashlee declared triumphantly.

“And,” he confirmed, “I won’t let anyone try to make me ashamed of it.”

Ashlee then warned, “I’m not going to let anyone use my diagnosis as a scapegoat to treat me badly.”

“I see bipolar disorder as a gift of exceptional emotion,” Ashlee said.

“It has given me the flexibility I desperately needed as I grew up,” he praised.

Ashlee added: “It has made me able to withstand all the obstacles that the universe poses for me.”

“I’m strong,” Ashlee estimates.

“It has helped me be imaginative, empathetic and adaptable,” he wrote.

“And,” Ashlee continued, “it must have somehow contributed to a great sense of humor.”

“This is just a new chapter in my life,” Ashlee summed up.

“I’m curious and hopeful to see where I am in a year,” he expressed.

Ashlee then described it as “Life is a journey full of descents and currents.”

“Go on,” Ashlee encouraged. “Be proud of yourself.”

“I think it’s important that we talk about all of our individual experiences,” he pointed out.

“So,” Ashlee concluded, “that we can help break the negative stamps surrounding mental health problems altogether.”

Ashlee Malleo: Daughter of RHONJ Alum Jacqueline Laurita Reveals Bipolar Diagnosis Source link Ashlee Malleo: Daughter of RHONJ Alum Jacqueline Laurita Reveals Bipolar Diagnosis

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