As Colombia Votes, My Greed Gauge Boasts a Buy in ICOL Fund

Voters in Colombia went to the polls on Sunday to elect their next president.

For decades, right-wing conservatives or moderates have run the country.

Voters want something different. After the ballot count, left-wing candidate Gustavo Petro received more than 40 percent of the vote.

This forced A. Carpenter, Since a candidate needs 50% to win an election. Petro faces businessman Rodolfo Hernandez, who won 28 percent of the original vote.

Although the election results are uncertain, when voters elect a president on June 19, the policy will change.

Colombian stock traders seem pleased with their choices. God iShares MSCI Colombia ETF (NYSE: ICOL) Found on a buy signal from Greed Gauge.

ICOL’s a Buy on Greed Gauge

How my greed meter works

My greed meter measures how aggressive buyers are in the market. This is shown at the bottom of the chart.

Indicator buy signals highlight green shading.

I designed it as a short-term scheduling tool with quick responses to sentiment changes. Quick sell signals reduce the risk of holding positions as they fall.

In the chart, ICOL reached the bottom on May 19, the same day that the US stock traded lower. ICOL was relatively strong from the S&P 500, holding above its previous low in the recent sale.

The strength of change is bullish for ICOL

The strength reflects hope that the election will bring about change in Colombia. Both candidates promise a fight against corruption, changes in the way the state attacks drug cartels and changes in economic policy.

The Bottom Line: Ambitious agendas often stop after politicians are elected and they face the reality of government. But ICOL is attractive to value investors at the current level.

The price-to-earnings ratio (P / E) of the average stock in ETF It’s less than 12 – less than 50% of the S & P 500’s P / E ratio.

Other indices confirm the ICOL undervaluation.

Now may be the ideal time to add the ETFs of this country to a diversified portfolio.

It was just one buy signal that flashed on my greed meter recently.

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Michael Carrhe The editor of Masters of True Options, One Trade, Peak Velocity TraderandEarnings accuracy. He teaches technical analysis and quantitative technical analysis at the New York Financial Institute. Follow him on Twitter@MichaelCarrGuru.

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As Colombia Votes, My Greed Gauge Boasts a Buy in ICOL Fund Source link As Colombia Votes, My Greed Gauge Boasts a Buy in ICOL Fund

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