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Dennis Murphy died Thursday at the age of 94. Look around the wide and wide world of sports that he has expanded and expanded. You notice that his work was done here.

Major League Baseball players hit regular singles with an 8-0 lead and begin playing charades with a dug out. Base runners are realized from ether each time the game reaches additional innings.

The 16th hole of the PGA Tour event in Phoenix is ​​a combination of Woodstock and Sturges 80 proofs. A daily addition was the NFL’s 37-yard kick. College football teams may play enough overtime, which is equivalent to a quarter. Hockey teams use shootouts to break the ties of the regular season.

And basketball at all levels is played on the exurb side of the 3-point line, with a simple 17-footer subject to wonder.

Dennis Murphy is the source of many, if not played, of him.

He compensated with a big smile, greedy curiosity, and the ability to sell flood insurance to residents of Gigix Road.

He dreamed of the American Basketball Association, the World Hockey Association, and the World Team Tennis. None of those leagues seemed necessary for American health and well-being. Murphy, like most entrepreneurs, knew what we wanted before we did.

“He was a stubborn Irish,” said longtime friend Don Marshall. “He does not accept the word’no’. I’ve been to a meeting where he came up with an idea, but they reject it. He will want to come back two days later and try again. Dennis, they would have said no. He would say, “No, it’s only today. It won’t count after two days.”

“He was the little grandmother of the saying. You hit it and he came back. He couldn’t help it.”

Even though he was a USC student, Murphy was Burnham. He organized a huge homecoming parade and held a large blind date pageant with all participants blindfolded. He was known as Money Mad Murphy at the time.

In the end, he was simply called “crazy.” He decided to organize the entire league just because the NBA wouldn’t allow the franchise to be purchased. His commissioner was George Mikan, the NBA’s first superstar. At the first press conference, Mikan uttered three words that could be the ABA’s slogan. “Good luck, baby!”

Still, Murphy confirmed that fans knew this wasn’t just a warm-over version of the NBA. The ball was red, white and blue and turned well when shot. A three-dotted line has been drawn. There was a slam dunk contest in the All-Star game. Players were welcomed from all disciplines, whether they were point-scraping defendants or cheating college students. They may also graduate from college early.

There were nightly fighters like Neil Johnson and John Blissker, wild coaches like Bobby Leonard, and gunners like Bo Lamar and John von Neumann. ABA poached NBA players such as Rick Barry, Billy Cunningham, and Joe Caldwell.

Beyond all, they found Human asteroid Julius Erving, A product that the NBA didn’t have.

The NBA welcomed four ABA teams, San Antonio, Indiana, Denver and Nets, at the time of the merger. But Murphy’s brain was still competing.

He vaguely watched the NHL game and was surprised when both teams skated on the night when the scores were still tied. That was a good reason for him to set up the World Hockey Association.

WHA lasted only 7 years and ended up with 6 teams. Edmonton, Winnipeg, Quebec and Hartford joined the NHL. However, WHA introduced Sudden Death overtime and won the battle to remove the NHL’s reserve clause. Bobby Hull And Gordie Howe was able to jump over.

WHA also signed Europeans like 17-year-old Wayne Gretzky and Kent Nilsson. Kent Nilsson helped Hull make Winnipeg a three-time champion. Again, we’ve built the assets that the NHL needs.

In 1974, Murphy founded World Team Tennis. This is to level the wages of men and women and paint the service boxes in different colors for fun. There was rock music and a short set, none of this deuce and ad.

It’s still lurking, but it was enough for Bjorn Borg, Chris Evert, Billie Jean King, John McEnroe, and almost every important player of several generations.

I have another project. Buena Park and Knott’s Berry Farm are planning a women’s walk of fame that includes not only sports but also business, science and education.

Otherwise, Murphy had almost exhausted the markets he discovered, the rules he tweaked, the traditions he revisited, and the stories he had to tell. After all, he will be known for his soft revolution. People paid to see them, and no one died.

As a promoter, Dennis Murphy was in several leagues of his own – Press Enterprise Source link As a promoter, Dennis Murphy was in several leagues of his own – Press Enterprise

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