Art Installation Depicting Cops as Pigs Is Staying Up Despite Backlash  

California Center for the Arts, Hidden announced Wednesday morning that a controversial should not be removed, covered or modified art installation showing police officers like pigs dancing on a pile of donuts.

Los Angeles-based slick artist (aka OG Slick) has caused some screams over the past few days from members of the public and city officials. The installation is three pigs standing in front of a black and white picture of real police officers in anti-riot gears, with “APAB” spray painted on it. The APAB means “all police are bastards” or “all pigs are bastards.”

It’s titled “Three Slick Pigs – APAB Edition,” and is part of the center group’s exhibition, “Street Legacy: SoCal Style Masters,” which examines different aspects of street art culture, such as graffiti, lowrider culture, skateboarding and more.

In a statement made on her Instagram, the artist explained that the piece is a “satirical look at excessive police force and abuse of power by some people hiding behind the badge.” He added that the facility is designed to open a dialogue in our communities.

Escondido Mayor Paul McNamara, Councilman Joe Garcia, City Manager Sean McGlynnPolice Chief Ed Varso and more have raised concerns about the piece of art and hinted at the look of the center’s leadership.

“After this recent incident and, in my opinion, the deafness to it, I think we have a responsibility as a council to at least talk about this management relationship,” McNamara said at Monday’s special council meeting, referring it’s the management relationship between the city and the Center for the Arts.

Council member Joe Garcia agreed, indicating that the city’s role in the center’s management needs to be reevaluated.

The center is owned and subsidized by the City of Escondido, but in a statement released earlier this weekThe center reiterates that it is an “independent, non-profit foundation. As such, the City of Escondido does not review, approve, or in any way inform artistic choices that CCAE makes. In addition, the foundation hires CCAE employees, not The city. ”

On the other side of the argument, many people said that removing or covering the installation would be a form of censorship. Some of the other artists at the exhibition even promised to remove their own art from the protest show if the center decided to remove the slick facility.

In a joint statement released in the Union-Tribune On Monday, the exhibition’s co-curators Bobby Ruiz and G. James Daichendt said that “ironically, even dynamic power that the piece criticizes is playing in real life.”

Slick could not immediately get to comment, but posted a statement on her Instagram before the decision was reached, explained the importance of the piece and thanked his fellow artists and the broadcast curator for supporting it.

Art Installation Depicting Cops as Pigs Is Staying Up Despite Backlash   Source link Art Installation Depicting Cops as Pigs Is Staying Up Despite Backlash  

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