Arron Mosby heading for Carolina as undrafted agent for the Panthers

Fresno State defensive end Aaron Mosby said he thought he would be selected in the 2022 NFL draft, but never got his name. Instead, he signed with the Carolina Panthers as a freelance retired agent.

Now Mosby is getting ready to go to North Carolina on Thursday with “something to prove”.

Mosby played in many positions for Fresno State, starting with special teams in 2017 before moving to reserve in 2018. He started with the defender in 2019 and from the defensive end in 2021. He completed these five years with 151 career tackles.

This flexibility is what he hopes will make him stand out in the minicamp.

“I know I can play in a lot of places there and they can use me in a place other than one point, so that makes me more valuable to the team,” said Mosby.

When the Panthers called him, he felt like “another host,” according to Mosby, who had been there in the past on a visit to the top 30.

“I already felt at home, so it would be nice to be back,” Mosby said.

Mosby is also looking forward to meeting Panthers coach Matt Rhule, who was unavailable during Mosby’s visit to the top 30 due to a local event, he said. So far, Mosby has only spoken to the Panthers’ defensive coordinator, line-up and line-up.

Mosby said he and the coaches discussed his presentation and work ethic and tried to gauge how quickly he could learn games and handle adversity.

“It went very well, but it was a visit to the top 30 … so they just try to get to know you as much as possible,” he said.

In order to prepare physically for the minicamp, Mosby said he tried different types of training and preparation, including time in the weight room, basketball, swimming and on-campus treatments.

To prepare himself spiritually, he watched videos on YouTube from other groups’ mini-camps to see “what to expect”.

Mosby said going to Carolina without a pension is “the most exciting part” of the upcoming minicamp.

“[This is] a huge achievement, but I feel like the job is not over, so I can not reconcile with less. “I have more to prove, but it is an achievement for me and my family,” he said.

Cornerback DaRon Bland, selected by the Dallas Cowboys in the fifth round, making him the only bulldog to participate in this year’s draft, was Mosby’s roommate in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. Mosby said Blunt was the first to go out every day during their time together and his work ethic made it clear that “there is a reason he was chosen”.

Ronnie Rivers and defensive tackle Kevin Atkins also signed as free agents with the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers, respectively. Two other bulldogs also received minicamp invitations – Keric Wheatfall with the Philadelphia Eagles and Alex Akingbulu with the Cowboys.

Arron Mosby heading for Carolina as undrafted agent for the Panthers Source link Arron Mosby heading for Carolina as undrafted agent for the Panthers

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