Arnold Schwarzenegger Is No Longer the Governor of California. Right?

Los Angeles — Arnold Schwarzenegger settled on a large leather rocker reclining chair in the backyard of his mansion. His little rescue dog, Cherry, wore a butterfly bow and ran around at his feet.

On his lawn, his miniature donkey, Lulu, was taking a break for a hedge. His miniature horse, whiskey, was wandering near the marble bust of Abraham Lincoln. His bar had a dollhouse-sized replica of a tank he drove during his mission in the Austrian army. The biofuel Hummer was on the driveway. A 9-foot scale model of the Statue of Liberty stood in the lobby. Things were very big or very small.

Since Schwarzenegger went to Dodger Stadium in January to get vaccinated, he has been in direct court here. Viewed 20 million times On social media. People are keen to visit the back patio, not only regular show businessmen, but also political consultants, talk show organizers, and those trying to expel Governor Gavin Newsom. I will.

Climb the Mandeville Canyon, through the wrought iron gate, and talk to Newsom and Schwarzenegger. They will usually talk to Schwarzenegger and Schwarzenegger.

“Why did I win?” Schwarzenegger, 73, who rode a wave of populist anger in 2003, became the 38th governor of California and won. Recall that defeated Gray Davis.. “Why did Trump win? Because people were dissatisfied with politicians. They hate politicians. They can’t trust them. This is the most important story.”

It has been 10 years since Schwarzenegger left Sacramento. Elected and re-elected action movie star with a promise to save California from a democratic excess, the marriage ended with a 27% approval rate and a personal scandal.

But California is a country of second, third and fourth chance. Schwarzenegger did not restore his image enough to allow California to readjust his view of contributions. He is a more popular politician today than when he was elected, a feat for Republicans in a very blue state.

The reason is as broad and small as the reason California first chose him. Some of them have to do with pandemics. Some have something to do with former President Donald J. Trump. His transpartisan embrace plays a role similar to the state’s persistence by recall, not to mention Whiskey and Lulu, who stole the show in a series of homemade public service videos he posted during the pandemic. But many of them are Arnold, the only person in the state’s 170-year history to become governor of the recall, Arnold.

“As a state, we are attracted to a personality like him who speaks clearly about what they represent and who they are and has a good sense of humor about it,” said the Independent Public Policy Institute. Mark Baldassare said California. “But seeing him this year reminds me that Californians also have the ability to forgive and forget.”

Schwarzenegger persuaded the past and present governors to join him. Advertisement promoting face mask, And drafted his pets, children, staff, girlfriends, and physiotherapists in West Los Angeles to support production. Public service advertising on Avoid crowds And Hand wash.. He raised millions of dollars for protective medical devices last year and prepaid his own millions.He spent during the election $ 2.5 million in eight states Keep the polling place open.

Schwarzenegger in January when a false allegation of Mr. Trump’s fraudulent vote upset the mob and attacked Congress. I posted a speech Compare their actions with the European Nazis plundering the Jewish neighborhood by Kristallnacht in 1938. For a 7 minute video Approximately 78 million views Only on his social media.

The University of Southern California is home to his Schwarzenegger National and Global Policy Institute. And his new anime children’s series. And his upcoming spy show on Netflix. And the Environmental Summit he is hosting in Austria this summer.

According to him, this will not run for public office again. The “elderly politician” is the way he now explains his role.

“When you leave the office, you realize I couldn’t cut it off that way-well, I noticed-” he said. “Does it mean that you’re only interested in a temporary way just because you’ve done this job, which is just a temporary job? Number! It’s like a sport, with follow-through.”

He jumped off his reclining chair and performed a golf swing and a tennis volley. Cherry jumped on her little leg.

In a three-hour interview at his home before Newsom’s recall activity Formal qualification of ballotSchwarzenegger was serious, entertaining, cruelly honest and witty. His black zip-up jacket had the governor’s seal patch. It was morning, but I was exercising and visiting with my daughters who came to play tennis. The fire crackled in an outdoor fireplace the size of a real Austrian tank.

So Republican-led recall campaign in California Approximately half a dozen future challengers to Newsom have secretly sought advice from Schwarzenegger, including some Democrats, as they move toward the November ballot, advisers said. came. He sees them directly, or in FaceTime and Zoom — “I want to see people’s faces,” he said, swinging his iPad around.

He provides advice on political dynamics, but does not endorse Mr. Newsom or his rivals, nor do he agree or disagree with the recall.

“I contacted me about it to everyone who was interested in it, talked to me about it, and got advice about it,” Schwarzenegger said. “I tell people what the landscape is and what my experience was. I don’t encourage anyone — or discourage anyone.”

In the bipartisan era, such neutrality is an exception. He’s a bit far from the Republican Party and calls Mr. Trump “the worst president in history,” but he defends moderation and looks beyond the party. Davis, a Democrat who lost him to become governor, now considers him a friend.

“He represents some kind of California Republican,” said Southern California writer and cultural historian DJ Waldy. “It may be a rare and dying variety, and it certainly doesn’t reflect the leader, but it does reflect something about the character of a normal Republican in California. Its gravel-like Austria I sometimes wonder if the accent of is a republican voice without Trump. “

Schwarzenegger, a world-class star with a Kennedy wife, said Davis, The Liberal Democratic Party is so unlucky that it was liable for the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and power outages.

He plans to run, despite Republican leaders begging him to launch him at a meeting where Mr. Davis wanted to lobby for the after-school program, which is the purpose of his signature. There wasn’t.

He said his current ex-wife Maria Shriver (whose public account reflects his memory) was reluctant to drag their family into the political spotlight. He wasn’t determined until Jay Leno took him to the couch at The Tonight Show and cheered. “I let my mouth speak for itself,” he said, and he was still laughing at his joy when he said he was running for governor. When he got home, he said, Mr. Schreiber was in tears.

A majority of 55.4 percent of voters chose to recall Davis, and several 48.6 people chose Schwarzenegger to replace him. As governor, he promised to overhaul the way state budget decisions were made. Although his financial proposal failed, he won the state’s election reforms, making it difficult for the militants of both parties to block decision-making over time.

The impartial committee has replaced the partisan gerrymandering in determining the boundaries of the legislative district, making it more difficult for the parties to play them. And California’s “top two” primary system put moderates from both parties on ballots.

However, after passing through these reforms, almost all of Schwarzenegger’s political capital was consumed by the time Schwarzenegger resigned. In retrospect, he believes that recalls were primarily an expression of much larger social forces.

“In 2003 we got out of the global recession-this was a global phenomenon-and alongside it was a state issue,” he said.

He felt bipartisan compassion in November Newsom caught in a Michelin-starred restaurant After telling Californians who are tired of the pandemic not to get together.

“Oybay!” He said with a laugh. “It’s — you know, you can see how it can happen, but you say it’s not time to crunch and make this a problem. With a recall, It just lit a great deal of fuel. “

The scandal eroded Schwarzenegger’s own image a few months after Schwarzenegger’s resignation, when news was reported that he had a domestic worker and a child in the mid-1990s. It was Shriver’s last strawDefended him in 2003, after several women said he had I groped for them.

“The end of the marriage was my failure,” Schwarzenegger said. “The bigger it gets, the harder it is to fall. I couldn’t complain about it — I did it. I was the governor, and of course I crashed a lot.”

His children are all adults now and he is a grandfather. Its backyard reclining chair helped recover from heart surgery in 2018. poll This year, he turned out to be the most popular Republican in the United States with a 51% approval rate.

“My dad always said it was’useful’,” Schwarzenegger said. “That’s always what I’m trying to do.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is No Longer the Governor of California. Right? Source link Arnold Schwarzenegger Is No Longer the Governor of California. Right?

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