Army releases new details about San Diego helicopter fire

The U.S. military special operations helicopter that caught fire last week at the Naval Air Base on the North Island of Coronado was an MH-47G Chinook, the military said in a statement Thursday.

The agency declined to specify the model of the helicopter last week. The four soldiers on board when the fire broke out managed to escape the plane without being injured, the Army said. NAS North Island fire crews extinguished the fire.

The helicopter is attached to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), which was in San Diego for training.

Colonel Roger Waleski, commander of the 160th SOAR, told the crew that he responded quickly to the fire.

“We are proud of the rapid response of our crew, which prevented injury and additional damage,” Waleski said in a statement. “And we are grateful for the help from NAS North Island officials and the Navy units that helped us in our recovery efforts.”

The double-rotor helicopter landed after routine flight operations when the fire started at the rear of the aircraft, the statement said. The causes of the fire have not been identified and are being investigated.

While Chinook helicopters date back to the Vietnam War, the special operations variant is “highly modified” for special operations, according to the administration’s website.

The fire broke out amid a series of crashes in Southern California with Marine Corps and Navy aircraft. These crashes remain under investigation.

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Army releases new details about San Diego helicopter fire Source link Army releases new details about San Diego helicopter fire

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