Arm wrestles with joint China venture as SoftBank eyes IPO

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The recent history of Arm, the Cambridge-based chip designer, has been full of twists and turns. Listed on the FTSE until it was privatized by owner SoftBank in 2016, the latest news relates to the nearly two-year struggle with its own joint venture in China.

Breakaway arm China, led by Allen Wu, is denying the company an opportunity to audit its finances — a major hurdle in SoftBank’s hopes for a major IPO debut for the tech company.

Arm’s solution involves the transfer of shares in Arm China to a SoftBank special purpose vehicle, according to a Report by Arash Massoudi, Anna Gross and Ryan McMorrow. That would change the relationship from an equity interest to a licensing agreement, allowing Arm to receive royalty income but not having to audit its finances.

In theory, the agreement would boost SoftBank’s hopes of completing Arm’s IPO within a year. A proposed $66 billion sale to Nvidia that would have been a record deal for the chip industry collapsed in February.

In practice, the path is difficult. Wu holds the “chop,” the traditional company seals that are the only means of authorizing official documents in China, making it difficult to change the registration of domestic companies without his involvement.

Add to that the small matter of the local government in Shenzhen, which Arm and SoftBank have been negotiating with for months. People briefed on the discussions told the Financial Times that the government sees the dispute as an opportunity to win concessions amid fears Arm may one day stop shipping key semiconductor blueprints to China.

Arm’s post-2016 story was one of the collisions of technology and geopolitics. It was Alex Younger, the former head of British Intelligence among many who expressed dismay at SoftBank’s plans for a US listing. How the next stage of the company’s Byzantine journey unfolds remains to be seen.

The Internet of (four) things

1. Australia passes legislation protecting critical networks from foreign attacks
Canberra prepares tougher legislation to protect Australia’s national infrastructure reports Nic Fildes, which covers 11 sectors such as telecommunications, power grids and sewerage. The new measures will enforce stricter compliance and monitoring as tensions continue to rise between Western powers on the one hand and countries including Russia and China on the other.

2. More than $600 million in crypto stolen from the underlying ledger Axe Infinity
Ronin Network, the digital ledger behind the popular cryptocurrency game Axe Infinityhas suffered one of the largest thefts in digital asset history, reports Miles Kruppa. Axe Infinity is one of the most popular play-to-earn games that allows users to earn crypto by fighting digital monsters.

3. War in Ukraine and inflation hit Asian technology
further #techAsia, is the big story of how Asian technology, used by companies in sectors from cellphones to electric vehicles, is suffering from rising input costs and inflation. The consequence is a drop in production and the situation may worsen if these factors persist.

4. Is VR fitness a revolution in waiting?
Dave Lee enters virtual ring with a digital Sylvester Stallone entering the world of VR fitness. Researchers examining the use of these games suggest they are definitely used as a fitness tool, with some analysis suggesting another boxing game provides a workout similar to using a rowing machine.

Tech Tools – Dyson Zone

Dyson Zone

Despite a name that evokes the image of a spiritual plane with endless pull, the Dyson Zone is indeed a set of air-purifying headphones. The company says the device, which some commenters thought was an early April Fool’s joke, has evolved over six years with a “scientific” approach to its audio capabilities. The headphones will be available online and in stores from autumn 2022.

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Arm wrestles with joint China venture as SoftBank eyes IPO Source link Arm wrestles with joint China venture as SoftBank eyes IPO

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