Arizona Republic: Trump allies pressured Maricopa County election supervisors

Rachel Yanfaza, CNN

In the weeks following the 2020 elections, former President Donald Trump’s White House tried to call the chairman of the Maricopa County Supervisory Board.Report from Arizona Republic It was released on Friday.

The attempted call was part of a pressure campaign led by then-individual attorney Rudy Giuliani and Arizona GOP chairman Kelli Ward, with Republican Clint Hickman, then chairman of the oversight committee. Persuaded members of other elected organizations.Oversee elections Maricopa County According to records obtained by the Republic, it is announced that there was irregular voting in the county as election-related proceedings continued in the state.

Hickman told the Republic that he allowed the phone to be sent to voicemail. So the White House operator asked Hickman to call the president again. He didn’t answer the phone, he told the Republic. CNN asked Hickman for comment.

“That’s not surprising,” Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbes told CNN’s Michael Smerconish at “Quomo Prime Time” on Friday night. “I suspected that there were some attempts to undermine the elections here, but they are now clearly on tape. And, as you know, Arizona law is on elections. Interference makes it clear that it violates the law, which is exactly what it looks like. “

“If you’re concerned about elections, there’s really no reason to call your supervisor or other electoral authorities, because it’s not the right path at all,” Hobbes, a Democrat running for governor, said on Friday. ..

Giuliani, who met with Republican parliamentarians in Arizona in November with Trump, also tried to contact the Maricopa County supervisor and Republican Bill Gates, according to the Republic. Christmas Eve Phone To CNN’s Kyonra in June.

“I have a few things I want to talk to you. Maybe we can fix this. As you know, I’m really sorry that Republicans are in this situation. And I think there may be a good way to solve this for everyone, “Giuliani said in a voice email to Gates, published by the Republican on Friday and previously obtained by CNN.

Gates told Ra in June that he never returned Giuliani’s call, adding that it was inappropriate to do so.

According to the Republic, Ward continued to contact members of the oversight committee, begging them to “do the right thing,” and “the Republican Commission does not want to be remembered as the entity proving the indictment. I know that a fraudulent election. “

CNN is seeking comment from Republicans in Giuliani, Ward, and Arizona.

However, Hickman, Gates, and other Republicans on the board have proved the outcome of the election and continue to state that the election is fair.

“It’s not surprising that Maricopa County’s election authorities didn’t want to investigate significant irregularities during the election. They refused to be frank and honest about the presidential election and conducted a court audit. It’s been disrupting for months and to this day it’s hiding voting equipment and routers from auditors. What do they need to hide? ”Trump team spokesman Liz Harrington told CNN.

Republican Senator of Arizona said that despite members of the Maricopa County Oversight Board supporting the completeness of the county’s election results and discovering that President Joe Biden had carried the county by more than two percentage points. Election audit Ballot for 2020 in Maricopa County in April.

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CNN’s Dan Merica and Kyung Lah contributed to this report.

Arizona Republic: Trump allies pressured Maricopa County election supervisors Source link Arizona Republic: Trump allies pressured Maricopa County election supervisors

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