Are Motorized Cellular Shades Just a Passing Fad?

‘Alexa, open the shades in the bedroom.’

Simply say this command from the comfort of your bed on a sunny morning, and the shades will be raised in a flash, allowing the warm sunlight to flood your room! Motorized cellular shades,  including the ones integrated with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, have become quite popular in recent times, thanks to the complete and effortless control they give you over your window treatments, whether via remote control or your device. However, it is pertinent to ask the  following questions about this trend: What if the trend of motorized and smart shades is only here for a short time? Will new ways to operate blinds and shades emerge in the future? Will manual-operated window treatments come back in style? In the following section, we will take a  closer look at these issues.

When we think of home automation, we think of motorized shades as one of the most important smart products. The cost of purchasing and installing these window treatments is quite substantial. Let us examine whether the cost of replacing traditional drapes, curtains, and other window treatments that require physical effort to adjust, close, or open, is truly justified.

What are the benefits of motorized/smart shades?

Motorized window blinds accomplish the same task as manual window blinds. These blinds  have additional functions that make them an excellent addition to the interior design of your  home.

  • Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, get their name from their design. Their multilayered design can help save energy by trapping air and creating a barrier between the indoor and outdoor environments. Cellular shades also block out light well.  They are suitable for homes with sliding glass doors. Cellular shades for large windows in balconies and porticos also save energy and keep the space cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Corded window coverings pose a risk to young children and pets. Cords, especially those with a loop, can suffocate kids and pets if they become entangled. Motorized window blinds are cordless, making them a safe choice for parents and pet owners.
  • Since motorized shades can be operated remotely, you can make it appear as if someone is at home even if no one is. This serves as a deterrent to thieves. • Motorized shades are an excellent choice for people with disabilities because they are cordless and can be closed and opened using a device or voice assistant.  • Smart shades increase a home’s resale value. A home with modern decor will be viewed differently by potential buyers.

Considering the above benefits, one can be sure that electric window treatments aren’t going anywhere! They are here to stay and the demand for them is only going to increase in the future.

Having said that, there are a few common doubts about motorized shades that need to be  cleared:

Are Motorized Shades Difficult to Operate?

When you’re used to using corded shades, it is understandably difficult to break the habit and get accustomed to motorized and smart shades. However, you’ll see how simple smart blinds are to use once you get over your initial apprehension. It’s literally as simple as tapping on the screen of your smartphone. Choose your desired level of privacy and schedule the movement  of blinds throughout the day, all from the convenience of your smartphone. Furthermore, if your shades are connected to Amazon Alexa or Google Home, voice commands will suffice. This cutting-edge technology makes smart shades an integral part of home automation.

Do you have to compromise with design and patterns?

It is true that motorized Roman shades, roller shades, and cellular blinds do not come in floral designs or attractive colors like curtains, but that does not mean you will have to compromise with the aesthetics of your home. Motorized shades provide a sleek and sophisticated look.  They complement the room’s contemporary elements and look great against a variety of color shades and hues, adding a fine aesthetic touch to the beauty of your room. Another reason to have them installed is to avoid having an unsightly, dangling cord that may become faulty over time.

Motorized window treatments are available in a number of styles. A light-diffusing honeycomb shade has evenly spaced pleats, whereas roller shades roll up and down on an aluminum tube like structure. They are available in 34 and 38 inches, as well as many other sizes that can be customized to your window size and preferences. Roman shades, which form neat pleat stacks when fully drawn up, provide a nice blend of traditional and modern. Motorized and smart shades are available in fantastic shades like ivory, beige, chestnut, walnut, grey, Maplewood,  and coffee brown. Many motorized roller shades are made of a high-quality fabric that is resistant to dust, dirt, and UV rays. Motorized cellular shades are available in single-cell and double-cell configurations, in polyester, cotton, linen, muslin, lace, and nylon.

Are they worth the investment?

As with any new technological product, motorized cellular shades may have a few glitches, but they are well worth your time and money. Given the variety of options available, you’d be wise to have them installed instead of your cord-operated shades.

Cellular shades are much more than a fad, owing to their utility and adaptability. These shades enhance the beauty and coziness of your home, which is why their popularity and demand continue to grow.

Certain window treatments have a fixed structure that does not work with different window styles. However, with honeycomb shades, this is not an issue. They can be installed in angled,  hexagonal, or skylight windows with some advance planning and customization.

If you’re concerned about privacy, especially if you are living in bustling streets, or in a high-rise apartment, cellular shades are the ideal fit. Due to the lack of breaks or cracks in these shades,  they provide no space for prying eyes. Additionally, they effectively block noise. Nothing beats the versatility of cellular blinds when it comes to creating a secure, cozy, and private ambiance.

So, it can be seen that, although slightly more expensive, these shades are well worth the investment due to their numerous benefits and functions.


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