Are All Black Friday Deals Worth It: How to Shop Smart On the Biggest Day of the Purchase Calendar

Do you shop online? Silly question, of course, you do. Over 2 billion of us buy goods online regularly, that’s an increase of 500 million since 2016, and the number is always increasing, and it’s no surprise.

Buying products online has never been easier, and the industry has grown from strength to strength and as if to make sure that we continue to purchase via our desktops and mobile devices, specific days were created to encourage our purchasing behavior further.

The concept of Black Friday is, of course, on paper, one that should attract all those who seek to find bargains and secure great deals. However, in reality, the special day has become quite watered down, and in order to truly make a saving or to get the most out of a promotion, you need to be very astute.

To help you in your Black Friday endeavors, we’ve come up with a checklist of ways to shop smart on the biggest day of the purchase calendar.

Retain Focus, Know What You Want

Before you get anywhere close to placing an item in a cart, make sure you know what you are looking for. Don’t get distracted by other purchases other than those you already wanted; after all, this is the best way to operate on Black Friday.

As an example, if you are looking for a great deal on the purchase of glasses online, then you’d probably head for first and look to make the most of their Black Friday deals.

In other words, build up a list of things you genuinely want or need long before November 26th (which is the date of Black Friday in 2021, so put it in your diary), that way, you will truly feel the real benefit of the event itself.

Shop Around

If you know what you want, the next tip is to see where it’s located and make notes as to the prices offered by the online stores that have your item of choice. If the sites you are visiting are not one you usually use, then make sure to check out online reviews so as to ascertain their level of service.

For instance, you don’t want to find a bargain only to learn later that the site is renowned for late deliveries of other issues that could turn your Black Friday into a massive disappointment.

Look for Pre-Black Friday Deals

Some online stores will look to whet your appetite by signposting their Black Friday deals a day or two before the big event; take notice of these and consider them as possible options that could save you money in the long run.

Sign-Up On Relevant Email Lists

To help you stay on top of the prospective deals likely to be offered on Black Friday, we suggest you sign-up for the relevant email lists for stores that you trust and have dealt with in the past.

This is particularly handy when it comes to forgetting when Black Friday is on the horizon, it can tend to creep up on you, and before you know it, it’s started, and you are unable to give it enough of your attention.

Stick With Brands That Are Famous for Their Black Friday Deals

Some of the big retailers and delivery sites make Black Friday very appealing; indeed, we’re talking about the likes of,, et al. You know if you shop at stores of this size, you are likely to find precisely what you are looking for.

The bigger the online store, the wider the range of deals you can expect to enjoy, and you also avoid the unexpected pitfalls you could befall at lesser-known stores.

Be Ready For When an Item Sells Out

There’s nothing worse on Black Friday than turning up to the site where the item you desire and then at the last moment, just as you get to the checkout, they sell out.

There are a few things you can do to help you prevent such an occurrence. Firstly, clear your web cache before you get started; this will ensure that when you visit a site, you see a live page instead of one that is out of date.

Try to arrive at your chosen site exactly at the time they start to run their Black Friday deals; that’s where signing up for their email list will help. If you arrive on a relevant page and it looks as if there’s no item left, repeatedly refresh as it’s likely they will restock and update their site accordingly.

A final trick to make sure you stay ahead of the crowd is to have your credit card info already in their system, therefore speeding up the overall payment and making sure you don’t miss out on getting what you want. Clearly, you should only do this with sites you trust and have already done business with.

So Is Black Friday Really Worth It?

On the whole, yes. Our advice when it comes to shopping on Black Friday is to avoid being forced into or encouraged to buy items you had no interest in at the beginning of the day. A shopper who makes the most out of Black Friday is one who plans ahead and sticks to that plan, no matter what great offer hones into view.


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