Arbitration hearing between SMPD, former sergeant begins Monday

Arbitration hearing between the St. Mark’s Police Department and the former Sergeant. Ryan Hartman starts on Monday.

Hartmann, who was fired indefinitely from the department in January, is seeking reinstatement and late pay.

The audition will take place at the San Marcos Activity Center — 501 E. Hopkins St. – starting at 9 a.m.

At the January meeting of the Chief Advisory Committee, San Marcos Police Chief Stan Standridge said Hartmann’s indefinite suspension stemmed from alleged policy breaches in 2021 rather than his involvement in a deadly car crash that killed Jennifer Trailer. seriously Pamela Watts in Lockhart on June 20.

“Those [policy allegations] “They were investigated by the Office of Professional Conduct, documented, and after I had given him all the due process provided to civil servants, his employment was suspended indefinitely,” Standridge said during the January meeting of the Advisory Committee Chairman. “Again, irrelevant to the crash.”

According to records obtained by a non-profit organization Caldwell / Hays Examiner and shared with Daily registrationHartmann failed to complete the documentation in several SMPD investigations, which prevented their completion.

According to a document on an internal investigation into Hartmann’s alleged misconduct, he allegedly failed to complete a narrative in a deadly conflict investigation that took place on December 7, 2019, more than a year and six months after the conflict.

In addition, in the letter sent by Standridge to Public Safety Director Chase Stapp, Hartmann also allegedly failed to complete a supplement to a homicide investigation. The murder took place on March 12, 2021, and on August 16, 2021, Detective Travis Davidson sent an e-mail request to Hartmann asking him to complete the supplement so that the case could be sent to the Hays County Attorney’s Office. The document stated that the filing was delayed because Davidson was awaiting the return of digital evidence from search warrants. Hartman acknowledged the request by email for a supplement and apologized to the detective, the document said. Davidson, however, had to send another reminder email to complete his supplement on September 28, 2021. Hartman completed his supplement on October 11, 2021.

“It should be noted that this case, which concerned a matter of public security of the utmost importance (murder), was immediately delayed by Hartmann for five months and 25 days, which was the date that Detective Davidson said he was ready to file. “and only needed Hartman’s supplement,” the letter read. “In its investigation into other homicides, the Department can not find a similar case of such a gross misdemeanor.”

Hartmann also reportedly failed to complete mandatory six-month assessments for certified public service police officers.

“Despite repeated communications, including emails, a text, and even a personal meeting with Hartman, he failed to make any of the six-month evaluations,” the document said. “It is important to note that even this disobedience has not stopped, as it has not yet completed them since January 12, 2022, even after the start of this investigation and was notified that it was the focal point of the Commander [Tiffany] Williams’s complaints about misconduct. “

Hartmann’s involvement with the SMPD has plunged into public controversy since Watts began protesting in April 2021, raising awareness of the deadly conflict.

On June 10, 2020, Hartman went through a stop sign and collided with a car in Lockhart on June 10, 2020, killing Miller and causing serious bodily and brain injuries to Watts, according to Lockhart police records.

According to Hartmann’s testimony, police reports and forensic evidence, Hartmann was driving 16 miles / hour above the 30 mph speed limit on a partially open Dos XX open dirt road ¾ empty, talking on the phone and failed to stop at two stop signs before colliding with Watts vehicle.

Hartman refused to have a blood alcohol test and was arrested. A search warrant was issued for the suspicion that he was driving intoxicated due to the open container that was found. The blood-alcohol test performed hours after the crash found no alcohol in Hartmann’s system.

The investigation of the Lockhart police department recommended the charge of manslaughter. Caldwell County Attorney Fred Weber resigned at Watts’s request because he knew Hartman, according to Watts, and appointed Bastrop County Attorney Bryan Goertz as special prosecutor for the case.

A large court considered the charge and returned a bill, leaving the civil suit as Watts’ only claim for compensation for her injuries.

Following his indefinite suspension, Hartmann has appealed through a lawyer to the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, seeking a hearing from third parties to overturn his indefinite suspension.

In February, the San Marcos City Council unanimously approved the appointment of Julia Gannaway by law firm Ross Gannaway PLLC to represent the city of San Marcos in the appeals process.

Monday’s’s hearing is open to the public. A San Marcos city spokesman said the hearing was expected to last two days.

Arbitration hearing between SMPD, former sergeant begins Monday Source link Arbitration hearing between SMPD, former sergeant begins Monday

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