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APPLE VALLEY, California (VVNG.com) – Apple Valley City Council will consider demolishing the house on top of the hill as part of the renovation process during Tuesday night’s meeting.

Hill Top House was built in 1957 by founders Town Newton T. Bass and Bud Westlund on a plot of 20.75 which is now known as Bass Hill.

The city bought the property in May 2016 with a grant from the National Park Service through the Land and Water Conservation Fund.


The following year, the Apple Valley City Council passed a Resolution placing the recently purchased Hilltop House estate in the Town of Apple Valley Park system.

Officials said the city failed to receive grants to renovate the building due to the complexity, uncertainty and high cost of the work to be completed.

After several fires and subsequent abandonment, a house that once served as an apartment
entertainment and conference center, failed for years and was eventually condemned by city officials and a contracted engineering firm.

A house on top of a hill, starting with the demolition first
(photo courtesy of Town of APple Valley)

As a result, the City is looking for a project phase, starting now with demolishing the structure and preparing a clean site that is ready for closure, which should help secure future grants and eventually fund the entire renovation project.

Although the City Council may decide to wait for full funding to demolish and renovate the building and property immediately, the demolition of today’s building is also believed to help improve safety and create a pedestrian path leading to a lookout overlooking the Jabuka Valley. “, Said city officials.

Officials said that a large part of the security fence had been breached and that vandalism and graffiti were common, and the structure was seriously below standard and dangerous for passers-by. The property is not open to the public, and curious visitors use the driveway as a hiking trail.

(courtesy photo of Town of Apple Valley)

Officials said the demolition would also help reduce ongoing maintenance costs, eliminate nuisance and vandalism, and open the trail and hilltop to access.

The ultimate goal of the Hilltop House renovation project will include a graded walkway that will use the existing driveway, seats, educational kiosks, fall protection, and a viewing platform and shade structure reminiscent of the look of the existing Hilltop House.

Estimated fiscal impact is $ 150,000 to $ 200.00; using the allocated funds of the CDBG.

(Fire of vegetation near the Hilltop house was quickly extinguished. (Gabriel D. Espinoza, VVNG.com) – photo taken on August 30, 2020.

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(photo by Hugo C. Valdez)

Apple Valley City Council is considering demolishing prominent Hilltop House landmark – VVNG.com

Source link Apple Valley City Council is considering demolishing prominent Hilltop House landmark – VVNG.com

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