Apple hires former Canoo CEO as it ramps up electric car project

Ulrich Kranz, a former BMW executive and recently resigned CEO and co-founder of EV startup Canoo, has been hired by Apple, and the company has confirmed: The Barge.Krantz Reportedly Under the codename “Project Titan”, he works on a giant electric car in Silicon Valley under Dougfield, a former Tesla executive who does the day-to-day operations of the project.The news that Kranz joined Apple was first reported Bloomberg..

Kranz was one of the executives who helped launch BMW’s all-electric i3 hatchback and hybrid i8 sports car.Shortly after he left the German carmaker at the end of 2016, he and his fellow BMW Executive Stefan Krause were tapped. To turn around the struggling EV startup Faraday FutureHowever, the pair clashed with the founders of Faraday Future and they left in late 2017. Formed what eventually became a canoe..

Kranz, Klaus, and a few other expatriates from BMW and other legacy automakers have devised and announced in 2019 an all-electric van that will only be sold on a subscription basis. The van was designed around a compact modular platform that Canoo wanted to sell or license to other manufacturers, including battery packs, electric motors, and basically all vehicle electronics.

The marketing of Canoo’s EV platform was attractive enough that Apple had a discussion with the startup in early 2020. The Barge Reported exclusively earlier this yearHowever, while Apple was interested in the acquisition, Canoo preferred to invest, and the negotiations between the two companies eventually broke down.Canoe also agreed with Hyundai to build vehicles based on the platform, but the startup Since walking away from the deal..

Kranz has noticed that he is currently near the top of a very large team within Apple working on electric self-driving cars. Apple started the project in 2014, but with several revisions, at some point the company was focused on developing autonomous technology.But last year, Apple Return to vehicle development Reportedly from multiple car makers Battery companies like CATL in China..

Kranz was just one of many top executives who left the canoe last year. Klaus, the first canoe CEO, left last year.Canoe Chief Financial Officer and his Chief Attorney I left this year too After a startup merges with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). Five of the original nine co-founders remain in the company, but those who leave have been replaced by people near the company’s new CEO, Tony Aquila. Taken over after the canoe was released as a result of the SPAC merger..

Since then, Aquila has moved the canoe away from the idea of ​​a subscription model and instead focused on creating commercial electric vehicles for small businesses. Aquila detailed the changes made to the company when investors and canoes first called as a public company in March. Despite being CEO at the time, Klaus did not participate in the call.So The Barge The Kranz contract with the canoe, first reported at the end of last year, Re-negotiation as part of SPAC merger..

Apple hires former Canoo CEO as it ramps up electric car project Source link Apple hires former Canoo CEO as it ramps up electric car project

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